Green Tea & the diet

Its a bit of a cliché to be blogging about dieting in January, sure, but I need to do this. For those of you who don’t know, I am of Asian descent – I’m half Filipino & half Chinese. What this means1 is that I eat a lot of rice. And before I turned 25, it didn’t matter how much rice I ate – I didn’t gain much weight. Sure, I’d gain a few pounds here or there, but nothing compared to the 10lbs I gained2 after I hit the quarter-life mark.

I’m not getting married anytime soon3, and if I do get married I don’t want to be overweight in my wedding photos so as much as possible I’d like to stay as svelte as possible4. With my hatred for exercise it grew increasingly difficult to keep my weight down. One day, he introduced me to the ‘diet’, after he had already lost almost 30lbs on it.

I was reluctant to start the diet because I know how easily a diet can fail, but its proving to be quite an easy diet to follow because it still allows me to indulge myself in sweets if I so choose. In fact, I still eat popeye’s chicken for dinner with my parents. The difference is that instead of eating fries, I’ll eat a freshly cut salad without dressing5 instead. Because I haven’t followed the diet as religiously as he has, I haven’t lost as much weight6. I lost a modest 8lbs in 1 and half weeks before I went on holidays. I gained a pound while I was on holidays7 but I’ve already lost it and another half a pound on top of that8.

So what’s the deal? What is this magic formula that has resulted in all this weight loss? Its not rocket science, I’ll tell you that now. I also need to tell you that this was not my creation, its a diet given to a friend of his by a chef9. If you want to know who is responsible for this diet, you can email me at reggysy [at] yahoo [dot] ca and I’ll tell you.

  1. 8:00 a.m. – 1 bowl10 of hot quick oats. No sugar/sweetner of any kind11.
  2. 10:00 a.m. – 1 whole fresh fruit.
  3. 12:00 p.m. – 4-6oz protein12 with field greens and side veggies.
  4. 2:00 p.m. – 1 whole vegetable13.
  5. 6:00 p.m. – 4-6 oz protein14 with side salad and grilled greens. Remember, no cream based sauces.
  6. 10:00 p.m. – 1 bowl15 of mixed berries. This is an important step in the diet as it will help you detox.

Some helpful tips:

  • Water: If you’re hungry throughout the day, drink loads of water. You’re supposed to have eight 8oz glasses a day. Or drink low-fat milk.
  • Dressings & sauces: The diet says to avoid all cream based sauces but I try and avoid dressings and sauces in general. If I really need to, I’ll use fresh lime & fresh cracked pepper.
  • Sides: I don’t like the idea of having double veg sides in my meals so if I’m having salad I usually won’t have steamed veggies as well.
  • Oatmeal: I actually mix one tablespoon of flavoured quick oats with two table spoons of regular quick oats and its still fine. I find without this, the oatmeal is too salty to taste because our milk isn’t creamy enough.
  • Timing: The times listed above are a guideline, you can create your own timeline that fits your schedule. For example, my dad looks more like this: 8:30am, 11:00am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm and 10:00pm. The only reason I follow the 10pm guideline is so I can be in bed by 11pm.

Some answers to questions you may have:

  1. Are you hungry16? Not more than I was before I started the diet.
  2. Do you snack? I snack constantly, but instead of snacking on chips I’ll snack on popcorn17 or vegetable sticks or if I really feel like chips, I’ll snack on wheat crackers.
  3. Do you eat chocolate? I have, but as I’ve mentioned I don’t have that much weight to lose to get to my ‘ideal’ weight so I wouldn’t suggest doing this until you’ve reached a good milestone. Also, I am able to limit myself to one or two and don’t need to eat a box or a bar of chocolates in one sitting so this probably helps me in not gaining weight through ‘sweets’.
  4. You haven’t talked about green tea?! I almost forgot; because the diet is pretty much trying to get you to cut out all the fat & bad carbohydrates out of your diet I decided to cut out coffee18 and invested in a good tea pot and some amazing green tea leaves. I’m awake and I don’t feel nauseated after my morning beverage anymore. Plus, green tea has been known to help you lose weight. I think its because it helps improve your digestion, but he disagrees. All I know is, it makes me feel so good.

Now, I’m not saying you should all go on this diet. I’m just sharing some information that I hope will be useful to you. The most important thing is to know your body, and to know what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t know that, no diet can ever help you lose weight.

Would you try this diet or have you tried it already? What do you think?

  1. at least in terms of diet []
  2. in 8 months []
  3. This line is for you, trench []
  4. Of course, there are always health-related reasons to stay a healthy weight, but vanity is so much more powerful isn’t it? []
  5. or with lime juice & fresh cracked pepper []
  6. besides, if I did people would mistake me for having an eating disorder []
  7. as you do when indulging in ‘holiday’ food & drink []
  8. Despite indulging on all the chocolates I got for Christmas []
  9. and if you don’t know, Chef’s can be quite protective of their work []
  10. cup []
  11. This is meant to be your ONLY source of carbs for the day []
  12. grilled fish or chicken or 2 hard bioled eggs []
  13. sliced carrot sticks, celery, peppers []
  14. grilled fish or chicken []
  15. cup []
  16. as in all the time []
  17. lightly buttered, and mini-bag versions only []
  18. there were financial reasons for doing this as well []

Manic Wednesday?

Driving by

At least that’s what yesterday felt like. It was a long weekend for many in North America. Extra long for me as I took Tuesday off after the holiday Monday. I’m suffering from heavy eyes, a sore neck and sore knees. That’ll teach me to party like I’m still 19. But what fun! I’ve missed having him around and I didn’t even realise just how much I’ve missed him. I mean I knew I missed him but until we got to hang out again… I remembered just how much fun we have together.

We started off the weekend apart; he went to meet with his soccer boys on Friday night and I went out on a night on the town with a girlfriend. Cathy1 and I had a great time and it made me wish we had done it more often this summer. But I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time for that.

Saturday started off a pretty late surprise2 breakfast but we made it down to Niagara Falls in time for a moist walk around and a decent lunch. On the way back from Niagara we stopped off in Hamilton to meet up with Matt3 and hang out with some of his friends. We were meant to go out in Hess4 but I was too tired and wanted to go home – I’m not normally selfish but since I was driving us back, I was entitled to be a bit selfish.

We had planned to go watch the Yankees v the Blue Jays on Sunday, but as it turns out he read the schedule incorrectly. They were playing at Yankee stadium and not The Skydome5 so we just headed on down to the harbourfront to redeem our free harbour tour as offered by an old co-worker of ours. After our wonderful catch-up session on Lake Ontario, we headed on down to Harbour Sports Grille6 for a nostalgic lunch. We headed home to have a nap and some ‘pre-drinks’ before the big party at the Guvernment7. The party was amazing, but I can’t do that as often as I used to.

Monday was a bit of a write-off, I did some housekeeping while he lazed around the house. We slept intermittently. I went to my parents house to drop off some laundry and other things I knew I wouldn’t need for the rest of our stay here. We knew we wanted to reserve our energy for Tuesday.

We woke up early8 and headed down to the Outlet mall in Niagara. Luckily, they didn’t have that much great stuff so we didn’t end up spending a lot of money, but got enough that we didn’t feel like the trip was a waste. We then went off to visit sone wineries9. We got three wineries in, mostly because we didn’t get to do tours at each of them and then we headed off to meet my parents for dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant in Toronto.

  1. name has been changed to protect the innocent []
  2. that he made for me []
  3. name has been changed to protect the innocent []
  4. the ‘party’ town in Hamilton []
  5. it’s now called The Rogers Centre, but let’s face it: it’ll always be The Skydome []
  6. aka Sol’s []
  7. I didn’t mis-spell, they did []
  8. earlier than he wanted to but I knew we’d take ages to actually get out of the house []
  9. which I hope to write a whole other post on []


WARNING: It’s a long one!

I used to have a terrible temper. Tantrums all over the place. Anyone who knew me when I was younger (so all you Dubai-ans) might possibly remember this about me… but I’ve changed. A lot. Grown up, I guess you could say. I credit a lot of that to him, and I’m extremely happy about it. I used to think that I could never change, and that it was just how I was.

*sigh* The monster reared it’s ugly head this weekend. I don’t necessarily feel wrong in letting it out. In fact, I’m still pretty angry unimpressed with the person about what he did that caused me to explode in the first place…

Lacey’s1 last day was this past Friday so we went out for drinks to celebrate, and after the match, we were all pretty depressed… in particular Martin2 got the look on his face he always does when he gets drunk: emotional, dark, ready to explode at any minute. And I was avoiding talking to him because I don’t like dark, depressed drunks… I myself am a bright and shiny drunk and prefer to stick with fellow bright and shinys. Well, Lacey went over to him because that’s the kind of person she is… and in the midst of the conversation… out of the blue he yells out, “(something)…french fucks” while pointing in the direction of where a group of french people were standing during the match and also kicking the table away from him. Away from him just so happened to be right into me.

I looked up and was about to ask what was wrong when it hit me a second time… and I lost it. I haven’t yelled at anybody like that since I was an angst-filled teen. But it wasn’t just that he hit me. Twice. It was that when he hit me, not once did he apologize. No acknowledgement of physically hurting someone who hasn’t done a thing to him. Someone who he considers a “friend.” And even when I started screaming at him he goes on to accuse me of needing everything to be about me.

In his defense, I found out later on that he had gotten some pretty bad news which gives him every right to be upset.

But I will never, ever defend that kind of behaviour.

I’m upset because he brought that out in me. And because he had the nerve to call me selfish because I felt the need to defend myself against someone I’m supposed to call a friend. I feel I have to decide that it’s just not worth staying friends with someone like that. It would be different if he never made any comments alluding to how sexy he thinks I am when he’s drunk as well. But to be honest, if there’s anything re-connecting has taught me… it’s that NONE of my guy friends from my teens were real friends. Everyone of them who showed any effort in keeping our friendship has confessed to ‘having a crush’ on me on reconnecting.

And even today when he sent me an email at work asking if we’re ‘friends or enemies’… ‘it doesn’t matter but I just want to know’… I felt like I was in a relationship with him. I needed some time to cool down and think about what happened and what I wanted to happen. But now I’ve decided.

There’s only one relationship I want to be in, and that’s with my sweety… and we’re doing wonderfully.

  1. name has been changed to protect the innocent []
  2. name has been changed to protect the innocent []