de Quervain’s tenosynovitis and some wheezing

De who in de what now?

Back in April when I was still working at the hotel restaurant, I started noticing that my wrist would get quiet sore doing certain acitivities. Around this same time, my allergies had started acting up so back that I was coughing a lot and wheezing. I was ordered to see my doctor.

I think it all started when I started to get a pain in my left shoulder when I would stretch to reach something far away. I swore so as my doctor performed the Finkelstein test to reveal to me that my wrist was suffering from de Quervain’s tenosynovitis. But what can you expect when I only started treatment about 6 weeks after it started hurting. I’m sure it had something to do with having to carry heavy plates and trays at the hotel restaurant job, but I had been carrying heavy things from plates to cases of beer for years so why should it start hurting now?

“Because you’re getting older and you took a year out doing office work…” was the realisation I had while I was on holidays a couple weeks ago. Then I wondered if I would ever get to bartend again… it is after all my favourite job in the whole wide world. I would do it forever if I felt I could survive living like an irresponsible teenager/night owl for the rest of my life. This ‘condition’ is part of the reason I’m trying to change careers… but only part. It still hurts if I grab the phone or even the steering wheel the wrong way so it’s not like this kind of work is much better but it’s certainly easier on my wrist than bartending.

It did help me with a cool costume one day though when a couple of friends of mine had a summer-sublet-house-warming medical themed costume party, so it’s not all bad. And it’s always a good for getting some sympathy when I wrap the stretchy bandage stuff around my wrist (to prevent moving my thumb).

Oh right, the wheezing, my doctor gave me some asthma medicine for the wheezing but I found out it actaully made things worse… so I stopped taking it. I’m just taking regular non-drowsy antihistimines instead.

Driving in bad weather & other gripes…

I don’t understand something… why is it that when it’s either raining or snowing heavily, or worse yet freezing rain people decide to stop being sensible drivers. I mean sure there are plenty of idiots out there but for the most part, people do drive somewhat sensibly. Toronto was hit with quite a bit of freezing rain the other day and as we all struggled to see, I saw *so many* damn idiots drifting from one lane to the next in an attempt to change lanes.

Do they not understand that when it’s freezing rain out or foggy the most important thing that will help other drivers see them is, say it with me now, light?!?

Something else I wanted to talk about is passive-agressive-control-freak-micro-managers. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned one of the projects I’m working on for class where we will essentially be running a restaurant for one lunch period. The restaurant is basically a reserved section that exists in the cafeteria of my program’s home building. We have been given the chance to re-brand, re-design the menu (both graphics and food), as well as restructure the ‘organization’. The problem starts with the fact that not only are there 4 General Managers (because we each run the restaurant for one lunch period per week for four weeks), but there are 4 GM’s in each section! There are two sections… so basically there are eight General Managers trying to run one company?! Disaster!

What I really wanted to gripe about though is the fact that there is this one GM who I thought was a nice guy, and while he is very smart and somewhat efficient and (apparently) has a lot of management experience he has absolutely no idea how to truly manage people. I know that I have a problem with speaking too agressively sometimes when I don’t think before I speak and pretty much just react. But if I were faced with someone like me and had to work with someone like me, I wouldn’t do what he’s been doing. And I know I would do this because I have had to in the past… but I would have a talk with the person, sit them down and let them know that their tone doesn’t always sit well. But instead, if there is something (like the logo design for example) that I have done that he doesn’t like… he’ll ask someone else to do something from scratch and then go around and ask the class to vote on which one is better.

I’m sorry, are we still in grade 2? Oh wait, we didn’t even do that in grade 2! I mean that’s like the GM of a company getting all of the employees all together in a big meeting and asking them to vote on the logo of the company?! For fuck’s sake, that’s something that’s supposed to be decided even before you hire people that you have attend that stupid meeting. Oh it made me so mad. And I don’t care that mine wasn’t chosen, what I do care about is how it was done. The choice was valid, the other logo design was better suited to the concept of the new brand but I’m pretty sure that going through my list of fonts (because that’s really what determined whether it looked more ‘casual’ or ‘formal’) would’ve taken me all of 2 minutes.

The more I write about this, the more I want to talk to him about what I’m feeling… but I don’t know if it’s worth it. At the same time that I do still have some respect for the guy, I don’t know if I care enough to help ‘better’ him. Not to mention that if he doesn’t respect me (which would be an assumption, but can be assumed from the fact that he can’t tell me things to my face – though that can attributed other psychological aspects) then what I say won’t matter and I would’ve wasted my breath and energy. Plus, the fact that the major planning is done and over with and its time for our department heads to take what we’ve given them and run with it… with some guidance from us.

But I’m not the type of person that likes being fake to people… plus something he said in their section’s class today that really bothered me and I don’t know if I can let it go. But, I am going to take a few days and see just how long I stay angry about it. If it’s worth it then I’m sure I can wait until we go back to school after reading week.

Ack. I don’t want to bitch anymore.