New Addition: Flickr Friday

Westport Sunset

Introduction: I’ve been racking my brain for a good way to showcase the photos I have on flickr on here for a long time now, and it finally came to me during a conversation on EC with Mike @ Celtophelia. I also found out the title is already being used so I feel I have to link Allan here, even if it’s not necessarily an entry into that Meme. I’d also like to link to Saki, since she also does the Meme. I would also like to say that I’m pretty sure this is subconsiously inspired by Rachel‘s blog post format.

Flickr Friday is about choosing one of my favourite photos every friday and telling you why it’s my favourite. From what I can tell of the Flickr Friday Meme that’s on other blogs are not limited to photos you’ve taken yourself. They showcase any photo on flickr1 that the blogger likes. Because mine is slightly different I thought I would go ahead with it anyway.

This photograph: This is one of my favourite2 photographs from Ireland. It was taken during my 2nd visit to Ireland; New Year’s day 2006. We were on the west coast and it was a very cold day. The two week vacation was a little inappropriate, and awkward. But I think it was a great turning point in our relationship. I think it was during this vacation that I realised that I was going to love him no matter what, whether he felt the same way about me or not. This sunset perfectly displayed all the emotions I was feeling that New Year’s day. And that is why I love it.

What do you think?

  1. that’s CC licensed of course []
  2. I’m hoping to not have to say this once I do a few of these posts []