Happy Birthday dear brother!

Dear brother,

I used to hate you. I hated you until I realised how immature and selfish I was being for doing so. You see, I wasn’t always as mature as I am now1 and I was also spoiled for 7 years being the only child and the first grandchild and the only granddaughter for a while. So when you took my Mummy away from me that Christmas Eve that you were born and put her in the hospital to give birth to you, you can’t really blame me for being jealous of you.

Another reason you can’t blame is because you were so darn cute. I look back now on your baby pictures and I must have known how adorable you were; so much more adorable than I was: with your angel white skin and your dark brown hair and eyes – I must’ve been really worried that Mummy and Daddy weren’t going to love me or want me anymore.

So I fought with you, beat you and made you cry, every chance I got. And now we’re both in our 20’s2, and you’ve never once been mean to me. Sure you get cranky sometimes, but who wouldn’t be when they’re awoken from deep slumber to go out shopping for Mum & Dad’s Christmas presents in the cold, cold winter weather that is Toronto. But you’ve always been a great brother, and even though you’ve learnt a few other bad habits from me… you’ve never been mean to me the way I was mean to you. And for that I thank you.

Without asking you to, you forgave me and for that alone you are the best brother a girl could ever ask for. But there is so much more that makes you awesome3.

I hope we are able to give you a great birthday celebration, even though we’re only driving down to Niagara Falls4. I hope that you get everything that your heart desires and that we are able to celebrate many, many more of your birthdays.

Lots of love,

Your sister.

  1. forgetting the fact that I still have a long way to grow []
  2. albeit, I’m in my late 20’s and you’re celebrating your 21st []
  3. but I’m not going to go on about them either hehehe []
  4. which isn’t quite Las Vegas – where you wanted to go []