100 random things about fragileheart – Part 1 of 4

I was inspired to try this after reading about our favourite five blondes, Erica, Kate, Leah, Lauren and Micaela1. I thought to myself, ‘I think this would be a great idea to celebrate my 500th post2 on the blog’. And then I started getting tagged on facebook for 25 random things3 and that just pushed me further in this quest. I decided against actually playing along on facebook but I hope you enjoy this four part series that will make you wish you had never asked to learn more about me. Wait, you didn’t… oh nevermind. Just read on.

  1. Sometimes, I think like I’m updating my status on a social network (like facebook, twitter or plurk). For example, if I had to do some filing and I really didn’t want to. As I start, I’ll think to myself: “…hates filing!”. True story.
  2. I use 3 different online photo albums: Flickr for my more ‘artsy’ photos, Twitpic for ‘right now’ photos, and Picasa web albums for sharing with people I’ve just spent an event with4. Facebook is just for when I feel like showing off my latest endeavours – I usually take a long time to upload photos here. This is because I prefer when there is a certain order to things.
  3. I can probably guide you through most features on these applications without looking at the screen: MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel and of course the internet.
  4. I used be able to spell really well. I don’t know what happened5.
  5. If I leave my hair to air dry, I will get a headache. If I do leave it to air dry, as long as I blow dry my scalp even for 5 mins after its dry I won’t get a headache.
  6. I also get headaches from wearing anything on my head and/or face. Hats, tooques, headbands, ponytails, glasses, sunglasses, and recently: contact lenses.
  7. My favourite number is 7.
  8. I have been wearing glasses since 1992.
  9. I started wearing contact lenses in 1994.
  10. I’m very bad at math.
  11. Actually, I’m not that bad. I’m just lazy with doing math and prefer to let my fingers do all the work.
  12. I’ve never been allergic to anything until a few years ago. I have had topical allergic reactions6 to two different types of penicillin, which probably means I’m allergic to penicillin but I have never been tested for it.
  13. As I’ve gotten older, my stomach has been growing more and more unhappy with my coffee consumption. Which is really sad because I love Hazelnut Lattes from Starbucks. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy.
  14. I have taken the Plan B pill twice in my lifetime.
  15. Losing my virginity when I was 14 may have done permanent damage to my ability to have a decent relationship. But I don’t regret it, I was in love.
  16. If I were given a chance, I would to get my breasts enhanced to C cups; I currently have A cups.
  17. Because I have small breasts, I’ve always worn padded bras to fill out my tops/dresses better.
  18. Wearing padded bras helps even out my gigantic ass that is not proportionate to my slim asian-esque body.
  19. 19 has also been a pretty lucky number for me.
  20. I’m also convinced that one breast is larger than the other.
  21. Even though I want to get breast implants, I will more likely get laser eye surgery because its more practical and I’m not rich.
  22. I auditioned for Canadian Idol in its first year, and got through 4 out of 5 auditions.
  23. 452 is the number of friends I have on facebook.
  24. I talk to maybe 5% of those people on a regular basis. I have seriously considered unfriending some of them, but I have yet to do that.
  25. I must look like I’m at least 5 years younger than I am, people are always shocked to hear what age I really am.

Today’s bonus random thing: I’m cutting this off at 25 because I dislike really long posts. I have a short attention span and I would prefer not to inflict the pain of long posts on others. I’m not saying everyone should, I’m just saying I’m going to.

Do you think you know me better yet?

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  1. I’m sorry if the order is meant to be different… I just went with it []
  2. this is no. 496 []
  3. I’m sure you’ve been tagged already []
  4. so they can download copies and etc []
  5. actually, I’m pretty sure I do but I’m not going to tell *you* ;P []
  6. rashes []
  7. you are here []
  8. coming soon []