Of forbidden dances

She’s supposed to be asleep. But her mind is racing, her heart going a million miles a minute. She can’t stop thinking about the affair. She’s hardly even infatuatated with the boy. At least not now. Back in high school, he was all she could think about.

Suddenly, she’s back at the dance. She gazes up from her half eaten dessert and their eyes meet. A smile creeps into the left side of her mouth as she bites her bottom lip. All the while she holds his stare.

“Do you want to dance?”

Her concentration is broken by Dan. Sweet Dan. He was her best friend, and so obviously in love with Emily.


She feigns excitement. As she stands up, she steals another glace over at Peter only to see him walking towards the dance floor with his group of friends. Everyone meets at the dance floor and dances and as one big group and she’s a little relieved. The song fades into a slower song and Dan grabs her hand; she sways into him, slyly using him to make Peter jealous.

Peter and Erin are dancing but he keeps watching Dan and Emily out of the corner of his eye.

“He’s going to ask you to dance after this song.”

There goes Dan, breaking her gaze again.


She pretends not to know who he’s talking about.

“Peter,” he says, with hurt in his eye but a smile on his face, “he’s going to ask you to dance, after this song is over.”

Emily laughs, “What? Why?”

“What do you mean ‘why?’ Don’t you want him to?”

“Well. Of course, I do”

“So what’s the problem?”

“What about his girlfriend?”

“She’s not here”
Emily glared at him. He had always been the one who scolded her for flirting with him.

“It was his plan…”

“His plan..?”

“Yeah, for me to ask you to dance so that you’d be on the dance floor when him and all his friends were on and it would be easier to ask you. So that it wouldn’t be such a big deal you know.”

All the while Emily could see Peter and Erin swaying closer to Dan and her. Suddenly… thunk.

“Ohh! I’m sorry Emily!”, Erin giggled.

Smiling, “Awh its ok Erin! The boys are supposed to be leading anyway, right?”

Emily nudged Dan in the ribs.

“Hey Erin, do you want to dance?” As if on queue, the song changed.

“Of course, Dan!”

“Uh, I guess that leaves us…” Emily turns to see Peter smiling at her, with a hunger in his eyes she hadn’t ever seen before.

With the sparks flying all over as his hand touched hers, Emily was sure a fire was inevitable. She silently placed her hand on his back and followed the sway of the music.

“You look really nice tonight”, Peter uttered nervously.

“Thanks, Pete,” she whispered lovingly. She took a deep breath and her head was filled with his light yet intoxicating cologne,

“Where’s Samantha?”

“Oh, she’s uh, sick.”

“Oh.. sorry.”

“Its ok. Its not your fault.” He replied with his standard nervous laugh.

Suddenly he lets go of her hand and places it with his other hand that’s on her hip and he has his arms around her. Unsure what to do with her suddenly free hand, she places it over his shoulder in a fluid motion that she hopes no one else noticed. It was the other hand that someone noticed, Samantha’s best friend was suddenly staring.

“You know you’re going to get in trouble for this right?”

“Is she watching?”


“Shit,” he said laughing.

Emily couldn’t help it, she giggled too. Then he started laughing some more and all the laughing prompted them to lean forward ever so slightly. As their faces touched, the laughing stopped instantly. He looked into her eyes. It was only then that Emily noticed just how close their bodies had gotten. Air couldn’t have gotten between them. For a long while, they stared at each other and Emily enjoyed the conversation their eyes were having. Barely broken by the fast song that the DJ cruelly played, something seemed to snap Peter out of their trance.

He slowly moved his hands over her hips and gently pushed Emily away. She could feel he didn’t want to let go, so she kept her hands on his shoulders. “You don’t have to go, you know.”

“But I do.”

“Ok,” and she let go.

His hands were still on her hips as she started to turn away.


She quickly turned back and winked at him, “anytime.”

What he didn’t know, was that Emily was as nervous as he was. She couldn’t control her emotions around him, and always felt there was a fire burning deep inside at the very thought of him….

Back in bed, Emily tossed one final time. Laying on her back, as her eyes were finally ready to close, she finally understood why she couldn’t resist him. But was Peter worth throwing away her future?