It may have been a mere 48 hours, but in that time we were like a family.

It was my first year doing the 48 hour film project. It was my first time working with many of the people on the team, at least in the capacity that we all held in those 48 hours. When I do it again next year1, we have a lot to live up to because it was such a phenomenal experience.

Hashtag Bougie Productions

There was no ego; you never heard “that’s not my job”; you never felt like you were alone, no matter what you were doing. At least that’s what the experience felt like for me. I can only hope the same sentiments are shared by my team mates. I’m not sure how many of them know this, but it was my first time as a PA. I had no idea what to do so I just did what I did best: if Dave2 asked me to take care of something, I took care of it all the way. Just because I brought breakfast, didn’t mean it stopped there. Dianna and I owned that table and made it a spread you could never forget3!

I’ve always been pretty lucky when working on film sets. I always seem to be surrounded by people who are focused enough to get the work done professionally, but aren’t afraid to have fun with each other. Based on things I’ve heard from other people, it really isn’t always the case. I’m so grateful that my experiences have been so full of magic and collaboration.

I feel so honoured to have been able to work with a group of such talented people. I am full of renewed energy to continue to work in film4. If you ever get a chance to participate in something like the 48 Hour Film Project, I would highly recommend it. Just look at all the fun we had! Our team was called Hastag Bougie Productions, and together we produced All For Davey.

The first public screening took place on November 3rd, at the Revue Cinema, where we learned that we moved on to the “Best Of” screenings taking place at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema on November 10th from 3-6pm. I hope you can join us!

Watermarked photos belong to the lovely Dianna Lee from OTC Media.

On the set of "All For Davey"

On the set of "All for Davey"


On the set of "All for Davey"

  1. At least, I am hoping we do it again next year []
  2. our fearless leader []
  3. I know you think I am being dramatic but… []
  4. heck, hopefully one day it will make me money too []