Yes. I am back.

I’ve missed being here. I’ve missed being me. And I can’t say that I’m back at 100% or that I will ever be. I gave a lot of myself to someone who1 didn’t deserve it, and some of it was stuff that you just can’t take back. So I’m working. I’m working on getting me back to me, and my life to being my life.

Oh what a life. I’ve lived a great life actually… though somehow muddled in mediocrity. I’ve always focused on how I feel and not really on what I accomplish in my life but I think it’s about time I change that. I’ve proven to myself that I can feel great. Now it’s time to prove to myself that I can be great2

This blog was down for a long time due to the weirdest chain of events but all that matters is that Rebecca worked wonders to get me back online3. Β And so now, the only challenge is finding time to write… coherently. Which I promise4 to do very soon…

In the mean time, I leave you with some5 words from Paul Greene‘s song called ‘Work Love Dance Trust’ which I can’t quite get enough of right now. Footnotes are my own comments, because it’s fun:

Work like you don’t need the money,
Love like you’ve never been hurt6,
Dance like nobody’s watching,
You’re gonna get what you deserve7.

Trust like you’ve never been lied to8,
Fuck like you’re being filmed9,
Choose what you wanna believe in,
But you’ve gotta be free!

Have a great week everyone10

How have you all been?

  1. obviously []
  2. insert scared face here – I hate sounding cocky! []
  3. with no real help from GoDaddy, as helpful as their person in charge of the twitter account was []
  4. myself []
  5. cliche []
  6. but don’t love the person who’s hurt you before []
  7. above all, you deserve respect!! []
  8. again, don’t trust the person who has lied to you before! []
  9. or like everybody’s watching *wink* []
  10. yeah, this post should’ve really come out on Monday – but let’s pretend it’s a short week, k? []