Give What You Can, by The Reply

You may or may not know this, but I’ve been doing some acting. I’ve mostly been involved with student projects1 which is why I don’t really talk about it all that much. It has been a lot of fun; I’m getting my feet wet and I learn a lot with every project I take on.

Because most of the projects I have been a part of have been student projects, I actually haven’t seen a lot of the work2. I’m sure you know where this is going by now. I have something awesome to show you.

Screen shot from Give What You Can, by the Reply

Filming the music video for “Give What You Can” by The Reply was a lot of fun; the people I got to work with were all very hard working but super laid back. I’ve even managed to stay in touch with some of them ever since. This band, and the people I’ve met through this project will always have a special place in my heart.

[vimeo 70689220 w=450&h=254]

The Reply is a Toronto based soul band consisting of James Bond (keys/vocals), Carl Nanders (bass/vocals), Freek Siezenga (guitar) and Scott Mckean (drums/percussion) who bring you real music about real life.

The “Give What You Can” video was produced and directed by Rudolf Mammitzsch (aka Rod aka Broton). Shot by Marc Forand. And made possible by a cast of talented and generous actors (and crew) who made it all possible.
Special thanks to The Duke Of Gloucester.

  1. and pro-bono work []
  2. or the work is not necessarily good enough to really show off []

No really, Come Date With Me!

On February 20th, a new show is going to premiere on the W Network. I’m beyond excited. It’s hard for me to write about it because the 300 cartwheels I’ve done, don’t feel like enough. The show is called, Come Date With Me and instead of try to write up a description for it, I’m going to get their words tell you:

Come Date With Me combines the cooking, criticizing and competition of Come Dine With Me Canada and adds a new twist—romance. Four eligible bachelors compete to win the heart of one woman – or vice versa—as they each take her out on fun, adventurous dates then cook for her in their own homes. The catch? These kitchen Casanovas have to cook for their fellow male suitors as well! Our bachelorette rates each date and dinner and the bachelor who captures her heart will share $1000 on the ultimate dream date.

In case you haven’t seen the teaser video yet, you can check it out by clicking on the image below.

Click here to watch the teaser video, featuring me!

It was a super fun week full of  a lot of a giggling girl1, four manly men, delicious food, some2 alcohol and more that… I may or may not remember at this time.

By now, a lot of you have already seen my episode and you already know how it ends. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I hope you tune in. It’ll make me smile. You want me to smile, right? My episode first aired on February 9th at 1pm and has played again a few times since3, and it’s airing again TONIGHT at 8pm.

And if you have seen me in the show already, who do *you* think I should have picked?

  1. Not me. Okay, Maybe me. []
  2. okay, maybe a lot of []
  3. There was a viewing party on Feb 12th! []