J’adore Paris!!

20070929-77 It started with a nearly missed early morning flight and a lot of running. But it was pretty smooth sailing after that. When we finally got off the bus in Paris from Beauvais airport, there was a moment where we were completely lost and had no idea how to get to our hotel so we went into an Irish pub for a drink. Once there we found a nice South African bartender who knew the best way we could get to our hotel. 20070930-18The metro is one of the best subway systems in the world. The hotel was not great. Our bathroom floor filled with water after every shower, and the room smelled like smoke even though it was a non-smoking room. But non of it mattered. Everyone was in a great mood.

We wanted to visit the Musee de Louvre the first day we were there, but it closed at 5:30 p.m. and we took too long getting ready to eat lunch. So we took a walk along Boulevard de Strausborg, continued down Rue de Sebastopol and walked around the Louvre for a bit. We went out that night, but we didn’t stay up as late as everyone else. We wanted to get up early the next day and give the Musee de Louvre a proper visit. 20070930-111We only really wanted to see the Mona Lisa, and the Venus de Milo but we were able to see the Raft of the Medusa, The Madonna and many others as well. Afterwards we went back to the hotel for a bit of a nap, and got ready to go to the match. Oh the match. What a heartbreaking experience. Even the little bit of hope Brian O’Discoll’s try had was bittersweet. After the match, we drank. We drank our sorrows away. Then we had dinner. And we drank some more. And when we couldn’t drink anymore, we went to see the Eiffel tower. Luckily, we caught it while it was still open. 20071001-4And it was amazing! We went all the way up to the top, shared our romantic kisses, got some photos taken. Then we headed back into the area of the hotel, for a couple more drinks. And it was early to bed.

The last day, we were able to go down to the Arc de Triomphe and Galleria La Fayette and walk along Champs Ellesse. The flight even left on time, and then we got to immigration. Let’s just say it was a very scary experience. But I won’t get into that at all. I’m just going to leave it at it was very scary and the scare brought us so much closer than I thought we could be. And for all those reasons… Paris was the best holiday I’ve ever been on. And so was born, my most recent catch phrase: Paris, I love you!