New Music, New Life: September 2012

It seems to me that everyone and their mother’s band is releasing a new album this year. I’m sure it’s some freak coincidence that so many of the bands I keep an eye on are releasing a new album but it does seem like a bit of a conspiracy to make me wet my panties1. Below are some of the albums I’m most excited for.

Graydon James and the Young Novelists
As you read this, the Young Novelists are touring the East Coast debuting their new album, In the Year You Were Born. I’ve heard a few songs from this album at shows they’ve played during their spring & summer shows around Toronto and I just can’t wait for this album. I’ve even been harassing them to let me buy it earlier but apparently I don’t have enough Klout. Fine, I’ll wait like everyone else Young Novelists but I will be very happy about it!

Their CD release party is scheduled for September 7th at the Horseshoe Tavern. Full details for said show can be found in this facebook event page.

The Pigott Brothers
I’ve lost touch with Oliver2 and I was very pleased to learn, upon facebook-stalking him of course, that he is doing some very exciting things lately. He’s starring in a movie called Lost Angels, which is “An honest yet brutal look at the effects of fame and the substitution of real values for fake ones in the land of Hollywood.” The movie will feature his [solo] music and has me very excited for sure. They’ve got an indiegogo campaign running until the end of the month so if you feel inclined to support this production, please go here.

The Age of Peace will be debuted at the Tranzac on September 14th. For full details click here.

Whenever one of my favourite artists releases a new album it tends to become the soundtrack of my life for some period of time and we all know how much music can affect one’s mood and life. I can’t wait for what the remaining three months of 2012 have in store for me. All thanks to these lovely, talented people of course. Cheers guys!

What new music are you looking forward to this year?

  1. oh, did I say that this blog was PG? No? All right then []
  2. who I still consider a friend []