Superman Returns

Where do I begin? Kate Bosworth makes a good Lois Lane. Almost as good as Brandon Routh makes an incredible Superman. I loved the Superman movies, and of course I loved Christopher Reeves. But it felt good to have Superman back. There are so many scenes in the movie I really want to talk about but it’s too good a movie to even risk ruining for other people. So I’ll wait about 3 months… if you still haven’t seen it then, screw you, you deserve to have it ruined for you 😛

I think they did an amazing job keeping the feel of the old Superman movies. The boss, the geeky photographer guy, the crowds as they’re watching Superman save their lives time and time again. Metropolis looked great. Kevin Spacey does it again too. I have to be honest I think he does a better job than Gene Hackman. Although I think that’s biased because I love Kevin Spacey and don’t really care too much for Gene Hackman.

It was a good story… though I did feel there were holes here and there. But again… we’ll talk about those in 3 months. For now… *go watch the movie!*