Unconditional Acceptance

In light of yesterday’s awful1 news, I wanted to share this TED talk by Andrew Solomon, titled, “Love, No Matter What”. Know that Mr Solomon starts off quoting an article, that include some rather shocking statements against homosexuality but I promise you his talk is one you will want to watch/listen to if you haven’t already.

I have no words. If you need more to read though:

How They Got Their Guns | The New York Times
Deadliest Shooting In U.S. History: Suspect Purchased Guns Legally, ATF Says | NPR
Toronto police to boost Pride security in wake of Florida shooting | CBC
‘Love is love:’ Orlando shooting victims honoured with rainbow-themed tributes the world over | CBC

Or, you can watch/read what Obama had to say about the massacre.

Love is Love.

  1. is there an adjective that appropriately depicts the atrocity that occurred? []

Sometimes it’s okay to let others speak for you

For the first time this year, I’ve struggled to decide on something to write about… and as it got later and later in the day and my eyes became more and more tired. I decided to continue on with my quest to be good to myself, and allow Casey Gerald to speak for me this week.

This speaks to me on so many levels. And no, my beliefs weren’t about religion. That’s for another blog post though.

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