Like it was yesterday

In Memory September 11 2001

I can’t believe it has been 12 years since the day that we all call 9/11 happened. I remember being woken up by my boyfriend at the time1, and being slightly upset with him. I was trying to sleep in because I had just flown in the night before from visiting Jackie in L.A. I had been there for three weeks and the flight was almost delayed to the next morning. That very morning when horrible things happened that have affected so many lives in ways we’re probably not even done realizing yet.

He told me to turn on the TV and despite my crankiness, I heard something in his voice that I had never heard to such an extent, so I did. And I swear I held my breath for what seemed like an eternity. I held my breath as if I was making a wish before I blow out a birthday cake. I was praying that it was all some sick joke or publicity stunt. It was ridiculous to wish for, but I just wanted something other than the truth to be that a plane had flown into a very important building in New York City.

All that happened though, was that things got worse. I don’t need to re-tell the story because we all know what happened. And we would continue to hear more stories from people2. We all lost something that day. We all lost a little faith, a little hope, innocence… even when we thought we didn’t have any more of those things to lose. Then we started hearing stories about the heroes; the ones who stood in the face of evil and told it to fuck off. And even though their efforts were in vain, it helped to know that they didn’t go down without a fight.

I have lived a lucky life to only know of such horrible loss from a distance. My heart goes out to those who weren’t so lucky. I will always remember.

  1. a sweet guy who was way too mature for me at the time, If I knew back then what I know now I never would have let him go []
  2. and we would eat them up because for some of us knowing the details helps us cope []

Never again will it be a normal day

At least not for me.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a post to commemorate those lost in this tragedy in the past, but because it’s the 7th anniversary I feel compelled to do so. Probably because it’s something that’s happened ‘in my generation’, but I don’t think that the lives lost at this tragedy were any more or less valuable than lives lost at all tragedies that have ever happened in the world.

It may or may not have been the worst tragedy in the history of the world, but I still think that those who lost (and gave up) their lives on that day should always be remembered. So today at 9:46am EST, I will be saying a prayer for their souls. I hope that those who believe in that stuff can join me. If you don’t feel like it, that’s ok too.

I remember being upset at my bf1 for waking me up an hour before I had to get up for work that day. But he insisted that I turn the New on; hearing the panic in his voice I complied. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The entire day felt like everyone was walking on egg shells, all the while glued to the television trying to catch the latest footage of the planes.

Being in Toronto, a part of me was expecting someone to come out and say that it was all some Hollywood stunt but the moment never came. Then I remembered that I had been in L.A. just the night before… and considering extending my holiday by a day to catch a concert I wanted to attend. All it would have meant was that my flight would’ve been grounded when they halted all services but it still freaked me out.

I can’t say that I remember how I’ve spent this day in previous years2 but I know that every year this day comes around, I always feel a tug at my heart and then I remember how many people lost their lives3 for nothing.

Where were you when 9/11 happened?

  1. at the time []
  2. after 2001 []
  3. for lack of a better phrase []