The Biggest Entrecard Contest Ever

Ok, so despite the fact that I’ve already posted about xentrecardx once this week, I’m going to do it again because Stan @ Fantasy Baseball wouldn’t shut up about it in the entrecard forums. There have been a lot of ‘biggest entrecard contest ever’ contests, and I didn’t get to play along in the last one because it was for newbies only. But I guess, since I’m eligible… I might as well play. After all, you can’t win if you don’t play right?

One thing I have to do is state which prize I want. Hm… I don’t think I’ve mentioned Stan enough in this post so I’m going to say I want his 10,000 ec.

Also, I was only going to write a short post… and have one entry in the contest but since all it takes to get a 2nd entry is a quick ctrl+c, then a quick ctrl+v:


Fantasy Baseball: This is Stan, he’s a bit of a kook but he knows his baseball.
Q3-n: I’m not sure what that means, but he’s donating the 2nd largest amount to this contest so you better visit.
Øblog: Oyvind is currently featuring his gorgeous garden… check it out!
Evil Woobie: Not so much I can tell you about her because she doesn’t have an about me page but I do know she’s not as evil as she claims.
Turnip of Power: The all-mighty turnip. Usually on the tips of people’s tongue when talking about all things geek.
Celebrity Pictures: Acadia is hosting the Amazing Race. What? You missed registrations? Too bad… the winner gets to choose between $50 or 10,000 ec.
Evil Entrecard Kid!: What’s with all these people claiming to be evil?
Modern Glam: Only the most glamourous of the glam, if you don’t know fashion she’ll teach you everything she knows.
Dot Com Mogul: He’s a starving artist but he still donated to this contest what a great heart… go see if you can help him out.
Blabberwocky: As of today, there’s an interesting photo story on his blog. He either is extremely talented (I’m assuming he did this himself) or has way too much time on his hands.
Looking For Scoop: And I quote from their about me page: “No ads. Just me and a few friends providing some words and thoughts. You should try it some time. Seriously. Words and thoughts are good for you.” ê¿êspi20 recently launched a new blog… but you’ll have to visit this one to find out which one.
Travelin’ Show: Who doesn’t like blogs about travelling?
The Hypnotist: It’s not just hypnosis. It’s Wisdom Hypnosis. Oh yeah.
Diet Pulpit: Lady Rose is a lady you can’t afford to miss on the blogosphere.
The Realtor: Cecilia and her team are the best there is in Ohio.
Romelo: Need a website designed? You can count on Romelo! Currently blogging about WBC Featherweight Champion Manny Pacquiao and a car that runs on water!
Inspire Emotion: Great blog for some inspiration
Sue Doe-Nim: Her tag line reads, “This is what happens when Sue Doe marries John Nim…”
Thailand Land of Smiles: Talen will have you visiting Thailand before the day is over.
FitnessLifeClub: Pat is the fitness guru of all fitness guru’s. At least in my eyes.
Lisa Cooking: It’s right there in her tag line, “The easy way to cook.”
JunkieYard Dot Com: Their about page is a little confusing to me, I suggest you just go see for yourself.
Movie Reviews: If you ever questioned whether or not to see a movie, you need to visit Monique.
ImpNERD: I’m not quite sure what an ImpNERD is, but I know I like Nerd candies…
PoemsofQuotes: It’s not just poetry… it’s poetry OF quotations!

And there you have it… those are all the wonderful (on the ball) people who agreed to sponsort The Biggest Entrecard Contest Ever. HURRY! You only have one more day to enter!!

EDIT: I completely forget THE best sponsor of the contest (horrible oversight on my part) Aerten!! If you haven’t seen Kelly’s art work before, you aremissing out my friend.

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  1. “Evil Entrecard Kid!: What’s with all these people claiming to be evil?”

    Nope, never claimed that! It was a nickname given to me by Mr. Fantasy Baseball for reasons I do not know myself. 😀

    Melos latest..SezWho?

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  3. @Stan…. you mean people actually read ‘about me’ pages?

    @Lady Rose – yes, I think the brainwashing worked!

  4. This in response to your comment on my site.Hope this clears up my mistake.second part of download zip file.

    fatherlys latest..Partnership of Entrecard and Sezwho

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