Today is a geeky day indeed

I’ve been collecting plugins to install for some time now, and I wanted to wait until I evaluate all my existing plugins and decide which ones can go so that I don’t have useless plugins sitting around. My favourite new toy I’ve gotten is StatPress, before this I was using FeedStats, and I have no idea why. Half the time, it wouldn’t work for me despite various1 updates. I can’t quite give a full review of the plugin yet because I just installed it, but based on the vast information it provides me with compared to FeedStats I know I’m going to love it.

The next one I’m excited about is one that I didn’t take a screenshot of, but have actually had it installed for a few days now. It’s called Yet Another Related Posts plugin. If I’ve tagged my posts correctly, you should see a list of posts at the bottom of each post2 related to the content of the current post. I’ve had to do some serious updating of my tags but I haven’t quite finished yet so bear with me while I get this one going.

I also uploaded the All in One SEO pack, but I’m mostly testing it for a website I’m creating for some friends’ music video production company they’re starting.

Oh yes, I also got the Share This plugin. After xChrisx3 mentioned FeedFlare as a way to get digg on my site without cluttering things up I decided this wouldn’t be a bad compromise4. I know it’s been around for a long time, but I’ve been avoiding anything like it because it tends to clutter pages up. What I didn’t know was that there was one available that only expands when you click, and not everytime your mouse rolls over the ‘share this’ link.

Another one I didn’t get a screenshot of is the Ajax Edit Comments plugin, Graham had mentioned it on the Entrecard blog which is what reminded me that I wanted to do all this plugin stuff. It’s pretty cool, it means that YOU guys can edit your comments instead of having to post one after the other if you forget to say something. One thing I did notice is that it doesn’t let you actually ‘edit’ your comment, but rather lets you post a whole new one instead of the one you’re ‘editing’. If that’s confusing just give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.

And last, but not least, is not actually a plugin but a toolbar. I decided to visit Digg today after someone mentioned it in the Entrecard forums and found a post by Kevin Rose to the mew Digg toolbar for FF3. It’s pretty neat… but I haven’t found as many interesting things on Digg as I have found on Stumbleupon so I’m not sure I’ll keep it. New diggs from  your friends pop up at the bottom of your screen as you can see in the photo on the right (below).

I hope you guys can find some excitement from these plugins, because I was pretty excited installing them… I’m not necessarily saying you have to get these plugins. But you have to admit… they’re pretty cool no?5

  1. over-frequent[]
  2. on single post pages only[]
  3. Trench[]
  4. since I simply don’t have the time where to put the damn code for feedflare[]
  5. Also, did anyone notice the footnotes? Yes, that’s a new plugin too![]

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  1. @Phone girl: Welcome! I love Commentluv too, it’s so simple but such a great idea. Haven’t really heard of Ad Unit. Will have to look into it. Tag cloud could be nice, but I’m trying to keep my sidebar to a minimum hehe I have so much there already!

    fragilehearts latest..Being able to say TGIF

  2. StatPress is GREAT…love it. All in one SEO, is also great, it helps a lot. My fave plugin right now would be between commentluv and Ad Unit plugin for all my ads…I just added the flash tag cloud to my site, kinda cute, if I ever can get the colors to change over.

  3. @AsceticMonk: I agree. And I’m actually really loving StatPress! You should give it a try!!

    fragilehearts latest..Today is a geeky day indeed

  4. @Michael: hehe I’ve only been able to come back now. Glad you like the plugin! I’m not sure what creating an index means in this context? hehe

    fragilehearts latest..Today is a geeky day indeed

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