Tomorrow, I bake

I’m getting into a little more routine now at the new place despite still having a long list of ‘unpacking/moving’ things to do and it feels so good. Simply being able to sit down and blog and reply to comments makes me feel so at home that it makes it easier to forget that I’m aching to hold him again. But this time, the ache is quickly followed by the biggest of smiles. This smile is brought on by the knowledge that near the end of the summer I will get my wish.

Sticking to the diet has been a little difficult since he went back to Dublin because I simply haven’t had time or the energy. I’m slowly allowing a little more carbohydrates in my diet but am loving the discovery that whole wheat alternatives no longer taste as awful as they used to. I remember when whole wheat first came around… everything tasted like cardboard. It was so wrong. But I’m excited to try my very first whole wheat beef and spinach lasange.

I’m hoping to make enough that I can freeze half of it so I have a lunch to take with me when I get invited out for last minute weekday get togethers. Yes, I plan for these things because I don’t like saying no and I also don’t like being out a lunch. Yes, I am a little bit of a loser… but I’m a loser with a free lunch and a social life 😛1

Ha. I’m feeling a little Carrie Bradshaw right now actually. The desk in the new apartment is sitting in front of the window and as I put my foot up on the chair and leaned my chin on my knee an image of Sarah-Jessica Parker doing the exact same thing in Sex in the City just flashed in my head. Oh and for those of you wondering: Yes, I will be posting pictures but only when I’m completely done decorating the place. I hope for this time to be soon because we’re planning to have our housewarming party around the third weekend in June2

Erica is the only one who answered me so I have to ask again, How have you been?

  1. kind of a contradiction isn’t it?[]
  2. of course you’re invited![]

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  1. I know what you mean about how good it feels to get back to blogging. I recently moved into a new home and between moving, cleaning, and organizing, there was like a week there where I didn’t do anything blog related. When I finally could relax a little bit and sit down, it felt a whole lot better…

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