Uh.. yeah

I hate really dislike my job.

If I didn’t really really need the money I would quit. The new staff this year (which makes up the majority of all the employees we have on staff) have it so easy… there is so much that they don’t need to do and there is the exact same amount of time that is being alloted to our clean-up time but even less gets done now that they have less to do?! People are so lazy… and it’s making me not want to do certain things and basically follow the “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” mentality. I hate being lazy at work.

On a lighter note………………… I’m thinking …………………

Oh I know, I’ve seen two movies in the last two weeks!! I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith1 and Bewitched. I wanted to see the Fantastic Four but Jess2 didn’t want to so I went to see Bewitched instead, it was a cute movie but it definitely wasn’t a “theatre movie”. Ah well.

I was also able to go to Kris’s 2  cottage for a day and a half… *sigh* What paradise! Jess2 and I had to catch the 8am bus to Barrie, Ontario on Wednesday. We got to Barrie around 9:30 and Kris2 picked us up from the bus station there. We headed up to the Muskoka area and met up with her old co-workers from last year, at Taboo Resort, Golf and Spa. We were able to take some kayak’s out and it was the start of a beautiful day and a half…… the water was an amazing tepid temperature, the sun was beaming and the breeze helped us keep cool; plus the company was exceptionally pleasant 😀

Once 2pm rolled around we headed up to their local bar and grill, Boathouse Bar and Grill for lunch. The food was ok. And off we were to the cottage – Kris2 says that Jess2 and I fell fast asleep as soon as we pulled out of the resort’s parking lot!! We must’ve been tired! Aaaannnd…. this is where I end my story because all we really did for the rest of the day and a half that Jess and I were there was sun-bathe, swim, talk, laugh, bond and drink Mojitos! We made them with 7-up instead of club soda and it tastes eerily like a Gin and 7… but oh so much more fun due to the mint leaves.

The motto for the weekday getaway?? “All about Grace!”

  1. Yummy Brad Pitt[]
  2. name may or may not have been changed to protect the innocent ;P[][][][][][]

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  1. Hey hun, no I’m not anymore. For the most part I’m managing… *sigh* So stressful… and only really worth it if the work gets done you know?? lol

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