What a Friday!

I haven’t been working a lot of Fridays at work, and what a freakin’ Friday to work! We had about 25 reservations plus the regular amount of walk-ins on a Friday night plus all the walk-ins that came from the show across the street. Oh My! It was a busy night. I ended up working 7 hours but it only felt like 3 – I love it! Sucks though… I don’t get paid this week because I gave them the wrong SIN.


My day started off kinda bad because I ended up skipping my Friday morning class completely unintentionally. But then I was able to go to our Grad Banquet Committee meeting and Nick and I are now the Co-Chairs of the event!! I’m very excited because I really wanted to Co-chair this thing, but was worried that these two other people in my class would want to take the position too. Nick is awesome too, there’s a lot that I can learn from him. so Yay!

K it’s time to play some poker. Ta!