What Women Want

It’s an old movie, but it deserves a revisit. I recently saw it on Bravo! with my Mum and remembered what a cute movie it was. Starring Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall, it’s about a ladies man who only saw women as objects and how he learns the hard lesson that they’re so much more. I love this movie because it’s cute, and it makes you feel good about being a woman.

I’m sure there are a lot of bad things some people could say about the movie, because it’s just not realistic. But it makes me feel good, and that’s what I look for in a movie. Now I realise that my male readers may not relate – but I promise you, if you watch this with your other half or any female you care about you’ll make her pretty darn happy.

Anyway, not only does it have a great cast but it has great character development and a disney movie ending – what more could you ask for? That’s why I give this old timer 5 stars.

Nick, a somewhat chauvanistic advertising exec hot shot, has his life turned haywire when a fluke accident enables him to hear what women think. At first all he wants to do is rid himself of this curse, until a wacky psycologist (played to perfection by Bette Midler) shows him that this could be used to his advantage! His first target is Darcy McGuire, the very woman that got the promotion he wanted. But just as his plan is beginning to work, love gets in the way…

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  1. I don’t know about this one, but I loved Blast from the Past. It’s quite charming.

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