Yay for Sunday!

Friday night I went to the Madison for Alan’s 1 going away party with Joy1, Kiki1 and her friend from home, Jay. We had a good time just chattin’ about whatever over some beers… Well, I had my Rye & Cokes. I was really hoping that Kelly1 was going to make it, but she sent me back a text message saying that she wasn’t going to make it out. Poor Adam. Well, he seemed to be having a good time anyway. A lot of his high school friends were there, a buncha jocks. There was even a guy named Moose, who looked like he came right outta the Archie comics. I was told he was in love with me. We spoke for all of 30 seconds. In other words, I’m glad we left when we did: I’m sure he was a charming individual, but I’m just *not* interested… you know?

Saturday, I tried to do some more school work but didn’t really get to much. I went to work and was shocked to find the restaurant full already. There was a show at the theatre across the street and the place was packed. Some people got so upset that we were full so early. But the great thing about having to deal with your own anger is that you get to realize that sometimes people just don’t realize how they’re reacting. In turn, you can easily deal with their anger. Usually joking around with them, or placing a really sarcastic-but-not-rude joke will do the trick and make them realize just how much of an ass they’re being. I love psychology.

Oh and then I went over to the Brasserie to meet up with Moy, Haza, Gary and Adam (Haza’s cousin). We had a blast! Soon Haza’s sister, her sister’s bf and another couple left.. so it was just the five of us. Soon after Moy got off work, we headed over to Fox & the Fiddle to visit Andy, who just happened to be a really old friend of Adam and Gary’s.

What an incredibly small world; I used to work with Andy at a restaurant that doesn’t exist anymore… years ago. We weren’t extremely close, but because we’ve known each other so long that everytime we meet at each other’s place of work we treat each other well, you know?

So anyway, went home that night feeling quite happy. And Sunday just made me happier! I don’t really feel the need to explain, but *you* know why it was a happy day.

By the way, I suggest everyone try Skype. It’s awesome! Especially if you’re like me and have a million friends overseas.

Artists feel things differently than regular people’ — John Corbett as Mr. Torvald in “Raise Your Voice

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  1. Hey Trench… Skype is like MSN. But it’s better for audio communication. Basically you can make free PC to PC calls, and if you buy Skype credit you can make cheap phone calls to regular land lines. Brilliant!

  2. I love Skype, but very few people actually use it, plus, all of my friends that are over seas in Malaysia and Singapore, well, they have totally different time zones than we do here in the U.S.

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