Nothing really to celebrate, just an over all good day. Well ok. There is something to celebrate, but I don’t want to jinx it so I won’t talk about it right now. The day started off kinda blah. I snoozed one too many times so I had to forgo my morning shower (well, I still showered, I just didn’t wash my hair) to get to school on time. Philosophy class was just plain annoying because people are flipping shallow and can’t look deeper into the meaning of the words they’re reading. Either that or they haven’t actually read the piece and are just talking to get participation marks. Oh I get so pissed in that class.


My next class (my favourite class of my entire University Career) is my food class. I *L-O-V-E* this class. Our main project is to re-brand, re-design and then run the restaurant that currently exists in the home building for my program. There were four General Managers chosen, because for four weeks we will each get a turn at running the restaurant every Thursday. I got chosen. (beam) It’s an amazing learning experience and my professor is an amazing coach. It reminds me why I *love* this industry I’m in.

Then I went home and got to relax and lose track of time and was *almost* late for work again. But I wasn’t. I was at work on time and had so much fun. Plus I found out that I’m finally scheduled to start training to be a food expediter. Even better: the sous-chef made fun of me for wanting to do it which means she likes the idea that I’m doing it. (Yeah, she’s one of those) Brilliant!!

And to top it all off… an email came that I’ve been waiting to get for ages and ages and ages. Yay. Yay. Yay.

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  2. April: yes Ma’am. Well, restaurants, hotels, tourism… the whole industry. And I love it – most of the time. ;D

    Jason: Nah, it’s a short stocky “George Coztanza” with LOTS of hair type. He’s good. The students however – NOT good.

  3. I liked the Philosophy class. Professor Elizabeth Trott? if so, she’s awesome. And I remember the class was packed with hot girls i wouldn’t dare talk to.

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