Feels for Deedee

Okay, so it was done by a bank who filmed and produced this video for publicity but I still cried when I watched the video. Many of us have had to go through a tough loss1, and it would be so easy to want to give up and let it all go to waste. It takes a lot of courage to pick yourself up, and to want to be […]

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The gift

The hotel itself was only a two storey building, I could see how it earned its four star rating even though it looked and felt like a large B&B1. Before checking in, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and do a little sightseeing so we headed down to Powerscourt and admired The Waterfall and took a walk in The Gardens. While the waterfall was no Niagara Falls, […]

Missing Person: Found

We see these postings far too often; some young thing goes missing, their loved ones are devastated and we all fear the worst. And also too often, the news reports the worst outcomes: the body of that missing person we just heard about was found1 but sometimes the authorities find the missing person safe2. I know the bad outcomes outnumber the good, and I’m not trying to pretend that […]

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Four years ago 3

The other day, a friend of mine who takes amazing photographs, Chris Luckhardt posted something on his Instagram account that got me thinking about the horrible earthquake that devastated Japan. His post: Since you can’t read the full description that Chris wrote in the screen cap, Chris said: “4 years ago, a devastating 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit the coast of Japan and caused catastrophic damage across a […]

Happy 2015: It’s a Brand New Year!

It isn’t that nothing notable has happened in my life since Remembrance Day. Rather, a lot happens every day and I can’t keep up anymore. I still want to write here. I still have things to say. I think I just need some time to figure out the things I want to say out loud. I love words too much to completely abandon this project. I’m anxious and excited […]

November 2014