7 days, and some hours…

What to do when you have lots of white ribbon... Yesterday was a pretty great day. Spent the early bit of it at work where I made a decent amount for a lunch shift. After work I headed off to Barrie to visit Joy1 because I forgot to bring her gift over when I was there for her BBQ. So I brought that, and the Casava cake that my Mum baked and headed off to Barrie. Didn’t take too long despite hitting some traffic on the Highway.

When I got there, Joy was packing her life away… and I was trying hard not to think about what I needed to pack, but still took mental note of things I didn’t think about already. She did quite well not packing a lot of clothes… and I also found out what my weight limits need to be without having to call. Her Mum and I talk a lot about moving… we’ve exchanged many a piece of advice about all sorts of things.

The goodbye was weird… I wasn’t upset. I guess because I know I’m going to see Joy again soon… since I’m leaving next week and I’m going to be close enough to her that I’m absolutely positive I can go over and visit. I wish I could’ve given Katie1 and her some time alone together for the goodbye… because they’re like long lost sisters and I knew it must’ve been hard for them. I tried to give them some alone time by going in the car, but Katherine followed me in the car soon after so that didn’t work.

It got me thinking about all my goodbyes… and I don’t remember any being such a big deal. I don’t think that leaving Dubai was anywhere near that emotional… but maybe that’s because we were all such kids. Just kinda makes me sad to think that, there hasn’t ever really been that person for me… like Katie has Joy or vice versa. Girlfriends have always been hard to make, and even harder to keep… but I really do wish I can find mine someday. Probably more so than finding that ‘special someone’ to spend the ‘rest of my life with’ cliché crap.

After leaving Joy’s, we went to Applebee’s for dinner. We had great conversation, great meals, amazing desserts… and afterwards we had a great drive home. All things together just making me long for that girl friend. Don’t get me wrong… I have my bubble. She lives in New York, and I really wish I could see her before I leave… but I just can’t afford it.

To change the subject a little bit… I am excited for today! Jen and I are going to the beach! And I think Scott (the Scot) is going to join us later… wee!

  1. name has been changed to protect the innocent[][]