A holiday at home

I’ve been staying over at his parent’s house for the past week, and it’s been the most relaxed I’ve ever been. Sure I still get stressed at work, but at least when I get home I know I can relax knowing I’m going to be in a clean environment that I didn’t have to work hard at.

I’ve been trying to use the time to best approach the situation because I’ve tried simply doing the cleaning that needs to be done, but that’s exhausting. Why should I be the one cleaning all the time? Surely, it’s not too much to ask for people to clean up after themselves?

I don’t think I would have such a problem with my house mate not doing her weekly cleaning if she didn’t leave things in the sink instead of the dishwasher; or if she didn’t put the pots and pans she’s used to make her dinner in the dishwasher when there are other people who need to make their dinner after her; or if she didn’t never empty the dishwasher or the gargabe bin(s); or if she didn’t leave food she’s used to make her dinner on the kitchen counter; of if she wiped the counter after she’s spilt something while she was cooking; or when she does actually wash a pot or pan by hand, if she didn’t wash it poorly would be great; or if she actually put away something that she washed by hand.

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but she does all of these things, all the time. Everyday. And it’s not like she only does one of those things everyday at alternates. No, she’ll do all but one. Everyday.

The strange thing is that I’ve been living there for four months, and it’s only been the last month or so that’s been really bad. So I’m not sure where we took a wrong turn. I’m really hoping that this time away will help it all fizzle out. I much preferred when I wasn’t always pissed off. And at least when I wasn’t pissed off at work, it was much easier to not be pissed off at work.

My other house mate, the guy, suggested we all go out for drinks before she left to go on holidays but I’m broke so I can’t go, but I’m worried she’s going to take it to mean that I’m still upset about whatever she thinks I’m upset about (because it’s not like we’ve talked about anything really) but honestly I’m not. I remember liking her before I couldn’t stand to be in the same room because I was going to blow up over these stupid household things… I do think it’s a good idea we all go out for drinks but it’s just not a good week. I don’t feel like making an extra hard effort, but I also feel like it’s a really bad idea.

I should mention that the place I lived before was about twenty times as bad as this new one, in terms of dirtyness… so I really don’t want to be too stressed about this stuff but I just can’t let it go anymore.

What should I do?

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  1. They’re right talk to him/her in a civil manner, that’s the way it should be no other solution, kesa naman magtransfer ka ng bahay,,, and besides your problem is just a nut. Always be cool whenever you are encountering a problem, and always think that we are all different individual

    That’s the problem of sharing a room / house.. Anywway be cool, once you feel na you can’t take it anymore talk to him seriously and give the ultimatum.

    take care my niece!!! By the way JR’s wife gave birth already yesteday morning… Mitch & baby (Dominique Brixe) are both fine

  2. Maybe its time to say something. My wife and I used to have a roommate when we first moved in together and everything started out fine. Eventually, we found cups laying around the living room, dishes on the floor (disgusting), his socks laying at the door entrance..etc… you know the picture.

    Well I talked to him. Politely of course. He understood and basically said he would pick up after himself everywhere that was public domain for us.

    So besides his personal bathroom and bedroom, he made sure he kept the house clean.

    He stayed with me for 3 years, and I never had a problem after that.

    Good luck reg!!! Grow some balls and let em have it!!! haha

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