A little awol

I’ve been very busy at work lately because we’ve got some shareholder’s coming to visit and it’s driving everyone crazy, and in turn they’re driving me crazy. You see one of the most common attitudes, at least where I work, is, “Let’s worry about it when we cross that bridge”. An outlook that will only ever leave you stressed. For example? They’re arranging gift bags for all the shareholders, but they needed specific style of bags because of our branding and etc. Which in turn meant that we needed to make a special order to get them. And they only started looking around for the bags last Friday. 6 Working days before they needed the bags packed and ready to go. What would I have done differently? I would have had the bags ordered 3 weeks ago, and delivered with 6 working days left to pack the bags as I go along doing other things for the visit.

Oh it drives me mad seeing people unnecessarily unorganized… makes my OCD bones twitch! (Sorry that’s a bit of a tasteless joke because I don’t have OCD, though I am quite anal about how I like things done… so I consider myself with some sort of condition)

Anyway, for the most part that is what I have been doing since I last updated… I’ve been seeing him more often that I used to and it’s freaking me out… I’m almost positive it won’t last. We watched a DVD on Monday with my flatmates and he stayed over. Last night we met up with ‘the lads’ at our local pub for some drinks.

Wednesday night, we went to the Dave Matthews Band concert… and it was absolutely amazing!! The best part of the evening was that he was with me and having a good time despite not really being a DMB fan. The icing on the cake was that they played my absolute favourite song as the very last song in the encore! score!

And that’s pretty much all the excitement I’ve had this week… this weekend isn’t going to be that eventful, but it’s ok because I think I’m getting a cough/cold. D’oh!

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