A slow weekend in September…

So… not only did I get more than 4 hours sleep last night but I’ve been able to watch a Saturday morning sit-com, browse many weekend flyers, browse through several websites and will also have time to eat lunch with my family. That’s something I haven’t been able to enjoy since I moved back home in early April of this year. Once again my summer has flown right by… it seems like just yesterday I was bawling my eyes out driving home from the airport as Peter flew on a plane back home to Ireland. Maybe it’s because I did the exact same thing again two weeks ago.

He¬†was here on vacation for three weeks, as a reward for himself for being offered an accountant trainee position with a big firm back home. It was an amazing three weeks… busy with work but even busier with the fun of a love I missed more than anything I’ve ever lost. His trip here once and for all re-assured me that I had nothing to worry about because he feels the exact same way about me as I do about him. And even if I were wrong… it’s ok because I know that we’ll at least always be friends. Always be in each others’ life.

Work has been a challenge… ever since my boss left, it’s been one headache and heartache after another. All us managers have had to bear so much responsibility – but we’ve gotten through it all. And now that the season is winding down, I can’t wait to finish. I don’t know if I’ll come back next year… as of right now I couldn’t stand to go back. But we’ll see I guess. For now… I’m gonna go watch Troy and start getting ready for work!