A Very Happy Christmas to all!

This time last year my family and I were in Niagara Falls. We had booked two hotel rooms1 and were there just to go on a trip. It’s my brother’s birthday on Christmas Eve so we try to do something extra special for him every year to make up for the seemingly lack of presents2.

This year we were going to drive over to NYC but then there was an unexpected changes that have prevented us from doing so. Thankfully the withdrawals are a little easier to handle this year. What withdrawals you ask? Allow me to tell you… In 2004, I met, started dating and fell in love with an Irish boy. So much so that Christmas that year I impulsively3 booked a trip to be with him. Even though we broke up in 2005, my delusional love led me to booking another trip out there during the holidays. I would then spend two more Christmasses there after my move in 2006. That’s 4 years of Christmasses spent with some of the most amazingly cheerful, warm and loving people I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with.

People from Toronto are certainly comparable in kindness but there is a certain unspoken understanding by everyone I encountered who loved the season4. There is nothing wrong with the fact that in Toronto there are people who won’t embrace the fact that some people will need to close up shop and celebrate family, love and togetherness5.

In fact, it’s part of what makes Toronto so great: the multiculturalism. It just means that I am going to have to try harder at channelling the same love, acceptance and understanding that I saw in Dublin to those who may not necessarily accept this holiday for what it is. I only hope that you join me in doing the same because whatever the reason the holiday was created – don’t we all need more days where we focus on loving, understanding and accepting one another for all the differences we have?

So my wish for this Christmas is this: Whether or not you believe in Jesus Christ6 just let others be who they want to be and do what they want to do. Unless of course what they want to do is hurt, maim or kill you… then uhm… RUN!

One last thing before I go, I’d like to make a special shout out to my brother: who celebrated his birthday on Christmas Eve7. Sure we make fun of him for being lazy, and for being a computer-game-playing bum but he is a kind, smart, gentle soul and I wish that he gets all that his heart desires8.

And a special thanks to all of you who continue to visit and read despite some serious lack of updates from me. It means the world to me that you enjoy reading my ramblings that I mostly write for self-therapy. Thank you and I wish you lots of love and laughter during this Holiday season.

What is your wish this Christmas?

  1. one for my parents and one for my brother, cousin and I[]
  2. all things considered[]
  3. no surprise really – I was a terribly impulsive person… I still am… a little bit[]
  4. I am only now slowly reaslising that this is due to the fact that everyone in the south of Dublin would be of the same faith[]
  5. and much more[]
  6. or the man-made rules of the church that he is associated with[]
  7. and who has to celebrate it on this day for the his entire life[]
  8. whatever that may be[]

responses to “A Very Happy Christmas to all!” 2

  1. I hope you had a wonderful day.

    The Holiday feeling in a city is an interesting one. I think it goes beyond questions of religion and faith and more into culture. Some cities have deeper traditions than others. I think you see a lot of holiday focus in New York, that you might not see in LA or Seattle, simply because people’s families have been in the newer cities for fewer generations than we see in the older cities in the Eastern US. How is Toronto in that regard? Is is a city where people have deep roots, or is it a city where most of the people are from somewhere else in Canada or in the world?

    Although, perhaps a discussion of urban historical demographics is a bit much for the Holiday week, so I’ll just say I hope you had a great day.

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