Advice from the older and wiser

On my graduation day, I got some advice from one of my professors who seemed to favour me. Why he favoured me always baffled me because I certainly didn’t get the greatest marks in his classes but apparently he thinks I’m one of the brightest, nicest people in our business. And so when I first told him that I was going to work for one of our industry’s finest, and our program’s biggest financial supporter in Europe (dun dun dun) as a server… naturally, he gave me a lecture.

He wanted me to know that despite the fact that I wasn’t at the top of my class academically, the faculty and staff still thought that I was one of the best in my graduating class. Perhaps I wasn’t good enough for the (same) company’s management trainee program here in Canada but who cares because it’s not what I wanted anyway. He actually advised me not to take the server job… but I obviously didn’t listen because I’m still leaving in 23 days (not that I’m counting or anything).

So what was this advice that he gave me on my graduation day? It centered around my niceness… and how I gotta remember that just because I say no, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to like me less. He then proceeded to tell me the story of how when his wife first started working for them (the same company), she was asked to ‘answer the phones’ while everyone went on lunch – and she politely declined. And after that, she was never asked to answer the phones again.

Do you want to know what the strangest thing is? I’ve worked closely with this professor… the least! And for him to have seen that about me… really hit close to home. But how am I going to know where to draw the line? I mean I don’t want to sound like some unionized worker (sorry for the sterotype) who says, “That’s not in my job description”, even if I don’t use those exact words.

Gah. These days off are killing me. Yes, it was great spending some time with my Dad today watching the Brazil/Ghana & France/Spain matches. But I’ve had way too much time to think… and I’d really rather not think about these things. Sure, it’s nice having some time off to plan my move, but having so much time off that I’m starting to worry about things just has to stop… pfft.

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  1. During these days, you need to prioritize as to whom you should spend the most time with before you leave. This should help you stay focused and make your time pass quicker as opposed to the days being slower.

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