I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better weekend. The weather wasn’t the greatest but it didn’t matter. The hotel was quaint, in a quaint little town. The drive down was long, but pleasant. The room was cozy, the bed was a bit too soft, the tv channels were crap, the food at the hotel was hit ‘n’ miss but mostly a hit, the massages were extremely relaxing and the weekend was just not long enough. We had some good great conversations… and some great silences. It was just one of the best weekends we’ve had.

On the drive back to Dublin, we were passing by a beach called Britta’s bay and since it was such a gorgeous day and we had to leave the hotel so early he suggested we take mini detour and go for a walk on the beach. So we turned right…. and for the low price of 2euro we spent an hour walking, talking, taking photos, skipping stones, watching people play with their dogs, drawing our names in the sand and laughing.

What surprised me the most was that he has not only suggested that he spend the night at my place on Thursday night, but he has also suggested we visit our friends (another couple) who moved in to their own place and stay over there on Wednesday night. I remember him needing his space a lot after we would see each other for the weekend1… and now he’s suggesting we move in together if I get to stay (or come back, whichever comes first).

Life? It’s great!

  1. 2 days not 3[]

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