Another notch

I got some pretty horrible news on my birthday. News I’m not quite prepared to share though I’m sure you can guess what the news might be. And of course, like every year I’m sick on my birthday. Plus I discovered that a burn I had on my leg from a hot water bottle has started to get infected so it’s been stinging all day from the antiseptic cream I’ve put on it. And my PMS cramps started today as well. We were late leaving for dinner, so we were late for the movie and lost our good seats we booked 2 days in advance for. But it was still the best birthday I could ever hope for.

Every day I love him more and more. We still have arguments, but they’re about normal things like how I hate wrestling. I’ve changed so much because of him, but changed for the better. Whatever about someone should love you for who you are… who you are shouldn’t be allowed to act like a child when you’re not. We’ve both grown a lot because of each other and while I hope it never ends, I know I’ll eventually understand why it had to end if it does.

But that’s a big if. Because we’re in this. And by the looks of things, we’re in it for the long haul. And that’s why it was the best birthday I could ever wish for, despite all the other crap the world tried to throw my way.

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  1. Haha I think so too!! 30 is a big number though (not in that you’re turning old kinda way… just that it’s usually an important age for people) hehe

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