blocky block

Don’t have much to write about. I’m really glad that the weekends since I’ve been back have been action packed or I think my head and my heart might explode. But it’s seriously killing my system. I think I might have a cold but I’m not quite sure… feels more like allergies due to the watery eyes. My dad changed the filter on the furnace and we thought that would fix it. Nope. My room is mouldy. pfft. Means I gotta go and get some more reactine. Boo.

Another drug I have to take. *sigh*

Ugh… I really have nothing more to write about. So this was quite the waste of space. ;P

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  1. Oh no, no waste of space at all. You were just writting a little to make sure we knew what was up. Sorry for the late comments, been a tad bit busy lately, lol. As I type, it is Saturday.

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