Blog housekeeping: Cutting down on categories

I once had almost 50 categories. This was before I upgraded to WP 2.5 and discovered that I actually can add tags to my posts. I have finally widdled it down to 10 categories. I figured 10 was a good number for my blog because I don’t have a specific niche and so I tend to talk about all sorts of things. Google didn’t give me a satisfactory answer when I asked, “How many categories should a blog have”. So I don’t know what a good number actually is but I figured, less is more in this case.

And so, I present to you my categories:

  • All Things Geek
    As the title suggests, topics relating to ‘all things geek’ will be filed under this category. Of course, it’s still slightly vague which is what I was going for but for the most part all posts related to blogging, tech toys or my organising obsession can be found in this category.
  • Anywhere But Here
    Originally intended only for posts related to short term travel, this category also includes my posts related to migrating to the different countries that I have had the pleasure of migrating to in my short life.
  • Events & Occasions
    Again, another pretty self explanatory title but I would like to elaborate for the sake of elaborating. This category features posts that were written about specific events and/or occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, public holidays and the like.
  • Health & Lifestyle
    I’m not quite happy with this category’s title. It’s too vague but I can’t for the life of me think of another title to use at the moment. It’s where posts about everyday life1 are filed under.
  • I Like to Listen
    Originally titled, “I like to Listen (to Music)”, this category is for all those posts in which I rave about my favourite music artists. And one day, hopefully it will be where I can post some audio of my own singing.
  • I Like to Watch
    Similarly originally titled, “I like to Watch (TV & Movies, you perv)”, this category features Movie reviews, and sometimes live musical show reviews as well. I had contemplated including posts reviewing concerts in this category as well but I decided to keep it in I like to Listen.
  • Being Social
    Some of you may remember me mentioning my category, “Memes, Quizzes & Link Love”; this is the new version of that category. I did this so I wouldn’t be limited to the three items mentioned in the previous category title. I figured because there are so many social media outlets nowadays, why limit myself?
  • My Heart
    This category is obviously my favourite one; being a blog that primarily focuses on Personal Diary type topics “My Heart” is probably my most ‘on topic’ category. As with many others, this title used to be called, “Him (The one who holds my heart)”. All posts related to matters of the heart are filed under this category.
  • My People
    Posts about best friends and all those people who play such an important part in my life are filed under this wonderful category.
  • Stress factors
    We all have them, so I had to have a category to file those posts about my stress factors. Things such as work, learning (it never stops) and money.

How many categories do you have? Do you think I should have less? More?

  1. and inevitably my health[]

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  1. @Monique: I’ve been doing it off and on for a few months now but that’s only because life has gotten in the way. If I were able to sit down and do it without getting interrupted it would’ve taken me about 8-10 hours. I don’t think it was that hard to do but it did mean I had to revisit all my old posts. It was nice to do and it gave me some ideas for newer posts as well.

    Monica: Thanks! I have so many ‘archived’ posts I want to load into this blog but I’m not so sure I should a) because they’re older posts and b) because it’s all the past and very priate kind of stuff so.. yeah. hehe

  2. that’s great!

    I did a kinda overhaul when I switched from Squarespace hosted blog to my own hosted WordPress blog. I cleaned up a TON of stuff.

    I have many many many tags, but only a few categories.


    Hope it didn’t take too long!

    Monicas latest..Wordless Wednesday #6

  3. Was this hard to do? I want to redo my categories but in my mind, all I see is disaster and far more work and time than I want to give.

    Moniques latest..Kitchen Nightmares

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