Busy doesn’t even begin to cover it

My recent, sudden absence has been due to many things, but mostly it was due to the fact that my mySQL database and I were fighting. It kept going away and I kept trying to make it do things it just didn’t want to.

Eventually I figured out that there was a third party involved: my beloved Broken Link Checker plugin wasn’t being given proper permissions to edit the database so mySQL kept going away. So I can’t use the Broken Link Checker anymore =( at least until I figure out how to give it the access it needs. This will have to wait until the new year.

There are a lot of things that I’m going to have to put on hold until the New Year; some due to the lack of funds and/or the lack of time:

  • Purchases:
    • Getting a DSLR camera.
    • Getting an iPod Touch or iPhone.
    • Getting a tablet.
  • Crafty things:
    • Making my own charging station1.
    • Creating my art centre in the basement.
    • Making my own earring display stand2.
  • OCD things:
    • Clearing out my old school notes3.
    • Organising my photo albums (printed, not digital).
  • Blog things:
    • Releasing my new weekly bi-weekly feature: Why Wednesdays4.
    • Releasing a new theme5.
    • Check and fix validation.
    • Evaluate and clean up plugins.
    • Check and clean up links (within posts).
    • Check and clean up elsewhere page.
  • Portfolio things:
    • Install latest version of injader.
    • Customize theme.
    • Upload artwork/poetry.

If I don’t, I think I will lose my mind. Nevermind the fact that its already halfway gone at this point. Here are projects that I haven’t put on the back burner and are therefore still driving me crazy:

  • Purchases:
    • Christmas shopping6 = 85% complete.
    • Sending money door to door to my family in the Philippines.
    • Paying off my Dell laptop7.
    • Driving down to Buffalo to shop at the Walden Galleria with some girlfriends8.
    • Finding the perfect Christmas cards9.
  • Crafty things:
    • Several personalised photo calendars for several different people10.
    • Several other crafty items for some of my more craft friends11.
    • Helping my parents decorate the house for Christmas.
  • OCD things:
    • Clearing out my closet a bit (especially old coats) for clothes to donate to charity.
    • NEW (added Dec 1): Check my christmas list and re-budget.
  • Blog things:
    • Creating more header images (completed Nov 25).
  • Self improvement things:
    • Start Keep up some kind of regular activity (status: Started rock climbing on Nov 23 though I’m not counting it as a regular activity until I’ve started going more than once a week).
    • NEW (Added Dec 1): Start & keep up diet12.

I know this was an incredibly boring post to read, but I really needed to get this out and straighten my head out a little bit. Also, I’m hoping that the wonderful people that read my blog have suggestions for me as to how to make my life easier. Because short of hiring someone to do it all for me… I’m just extremely overwhelmed at the moment. Its a strange feeling really… I’ve always been a very busy person, but this is the first time I can’t seem to handle it.

Me thinks I just need more wine… what do you think?

  1. though I’m not planning on making one that looks like this[]
  2. thanks Jey for the idea[]
  3. surely, I don’t nee to keep all of them[]
  4. I’m 99% certain that I want to do this so I don’t mind releasing the title of the weekly feature to you now[]
  5. though I might still try and sneak this one in[]
  6. DER[]
  7. Cheque mailed!![]
  8. for Christmas presents, not for me; ok maybe a little for me[]
  9. don’t even try to tell me I should have made them, I was originally going to do that. And then I lost half my mind so I decided to buy them instead[]
  10. some of who read this blog so I can’t give you details I’m afraid[]
  11. again, I can’t divulge this info as they read this blog[]
  12. only 1 serving of carbs a day; its not easy for a rice eater[]

responses to “Busy doesn’t even begin to cover it” 23

  1. Ahhh I feel your pain! But glad to see you have a few things crossed off since you wrote the post 🙂

    mspennylanes latest..Oh Dear…. / I’m Back

  2. @Lisa: Mm.. jazzy tunes. Does John Mayer count? He soothes me like no other!

    @Erica: Thanks writing stuff down seems to be the easy part for me. Getting it done in order of priority however… not so easy.

    @Michael: I’ve recently discovered entire websites that can help me with broken links so yay!

    @Paunchinesss: Thanks, there was no turkey for me in November; our Thanksgiving was in October but I shall eagerly await some Christmas Turkey!

    @TH: Thanks, I’ll do it soon I promise!

    @Lyndi: lol its been like a mad house in my head!

    @Linc: Sorry to trick you into thinking I was back but I’m not really. I just pop in from time to time to make sure no one has stolen this website from me.

    @Veronica: lol yes, its very cluttered in my head too.

    @Øyvinds: OMG I would love an assistant! And thanks 🙂 Glad you like the headers.

    @trench: Thanks, I know… I was like that during the summer but for some reason this winter I just started taking on so much!

    @Web-betty: Hiya! Way, way too little time!

    @Laura: Oh yeah? Do tell us of your drama!!

    @AmeriGlide: That is a great website! Thanks so much for that 🙂 It may not be as efficient as the plug-in but its still better than me checking each post manually! 😀 yay!

    LOL Mike!! OMG I can’t believe you’re the only one who noticed its in the wrong section!

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