Christmas in July?!

20060702_NewCamera I got my new camera!! It’s the Canon Powershot SD600. I lurve it… of course I just got it so I haven’t had much time to play around with it but I’m hoping to take a lot more photos this month. 😀

Check out flickr for some more photos using the camera 😀

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  1. Hi beautiful… just thinking of you, so I click a few times here and there and suddenly I’m here looking at my favorite long distance angel .-)

  2. Thanks April! 😉

    Thanks Rymus! I was only goofing around but it ended up turning out well… so I included it. I’m itching to take photos of everything but I need to get my ‘eye’ back before I get some really good ones again

  3. Hurrah, a new toy! I like the self portrait too. Best of luck with the new camera, I’ll have to peek around flickr for all these wonderful shots you’ll be putting up shortly 😉

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