Drama… and I haven’t even left yet!

So… some of you know the story of the ex-boyfriend. Some of you don’t. Either way, he’s going to be where I’m moving to… and I’ve been struggling with whether or not I want things to start up again when I get there. And after tonight, I think my mind is pretty much made up. And it’s a definite no. Of course it’s going to be hard because we’ve always had such deep feelings for each other. But he’s really got to make up his mind as to what he wants before I even begin to think about whether I want to go down *that* road again. I’d link previous posts… but there’s not much use since they’re all password protected anyway.

I know it’s easy for me to say this now because he’s not right in front of me and going on as usual – not listening to what I have to say. But I’m just going to have to be firm this time around… and I hope he doesn’t change his attitude once I tell him how I feel. He’s been so helpful in the last little while… I’m also nervous of my overstaying my welcome with his friend (who I’m staying with ’til I find my own place).


Why does he have to make things so difficult?!

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  1. Greggy: Thank you… I’m sure it will be a great adventure!

    Ryan: I’m moving to Ireland! 😀

    April: Haha I definitely think you should move to Ireland! 😛

  2. As a computer engineer thats living and working in Ireland, I hereby request the location of this ton of money I’m owed…

    We always need social workers, the more the merrier. I’m sure whatever qualifications you have would get you something over here.

  3. Oh damn. Drama … I feel ya. On the brighter side of things, my mom called me up and told me “April, you and Kris should move to Ireland. I saw a report on t.v. that their computer engineers are making tons of money there”, hahah, it’s something to consider. I don’t know how badly they need social workers there though… or if I would qualify over there. Who knows?

  4. Oh and Greggy, if the Celtic Tiger to which you’re referring is the same one as I think it is, it’s been dying off for quite some years now. Despite the many attempts to revive the ailing animal, the vet finally had to put it down.

    On the bright side, there are plenty of tiger burgers to be had.

  5. So it’s really drawing close… sigh, I guess I better beg for those passwords if you’re going to be putting a lot of this in protection going forward.
    I hope with all my heart this is a “great adventure” for you. You should do well there though, the Celtic Tiger is flying high these days.

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