Flickr Friday: Please come in, February

As we enter the last weekend in January, I am eagerly awaiting what February has to bring for me. The end of January brings May that much closer and my entire body aches with anticipation. This photo above was taken on the 1st of February last year; I had been home a little over a week from my year and a half of living in Dublin1 and my two week trip to Dubai. I was pretty depressed and, strangely, the snow actually cheered me up. It was so pretty and the cold seemed to numb my depression… I have no such luck this year.

This year, as we enter into February, my depression is mixing with a little bit of anxiety and a lot of excitement for good things to come in May. Or so we hope2; he won’t be able to stay if he doesn’t get a job offer – but with the way things are… who knows. And so I wanted to take a moment and look back on this time last year. Last year, I was depressed because I didn’t know when I would ever see him again.

While this photo may not be artistic or impressive, it holds a special place for me because it marked the beginning of our long journey apart from each other. It reminds me of the hopelessness I felt and eases my current depression because at least I know I will be seeing him in May. He doesn’t make promises often because he believes in keeping promises3 and he’s promised me that he’s going to do everything in his power to get here in May.

Are you glad February is here?

  1. and seeing *him* regularly[]
  2. thus the anxiety[]
  3. so he only makes promises he knows he can keep or fully intends on keeping[]

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  1. @Lyndi: Thank you, I hope so too. I’m going through a bit of anxiety about May right now but I’m hoping it’ll pass as it comes closer to actually arriving.

    @Penny: Thank you. February is starting off sort of on a negative note but I can only hope that means it’ll end on a good note (especially sicne one of my bestfriends’ birthday is at the end of Feb).

    @trench: lol you wouldn’t survive in it!!

    @JD: Thanks and I hope the same for you too!

  2. I like your positive outlook despite past sadness.

    I’m hoping February will be a good month in terms of positive change. I wish good things for you, too.

    JD at I Do Thingss latest..I Reveal Dave’s Snail so you don’t have to

  3. I can understand the meaning that the photo holds, and it really is a beautiful scene as well. I hope February will bring you closer to where you want to be 🙂 I am going to try and make February a great month too. I think the key is having something to look forward to. It helps us through the cold (not that I should really complain about the cold compared to you :P)

    Pennys latest..Disconnected

  4. You say the photo is not impressive, I think it is, especially for someone like me who has never seen ‘real’ snow. I have to rely on pics like this.

    I hope things go well in May, he will get that job offer, hang in there.

    Lyndis latest..An improved way of killing a scraper

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