fragilefashion: a look at clothing swaps

On a bit of a whim, I’m starting a new series of posts which will be on a strictly random posting schedule. They will be based on how much I like my outfit that day and will therefore be largely based on my mood. I’d like to take this time to credit Miss Tique/Lepoque of Guilty Pleasures who planted the seed in my head for this series of posts1.

I’m starting out with my outfit today which I just happened to put on in the daze that I was in this morning. But as I saw myself in the mirror in the bathroom over and over again, I decided it was worth a snap.

I got this lovely item at the most recent clothing swap I attended. What is a clothing swap, you ask? It’s a gathering of women where each person attending brings articles of clothing, shoes, accessories2 that they no longer want but feel are still too good to throw out. Once all attendees are present, the clothes are segregated into piles of like items and everyone is free to browse and choose what they wish. You’re basically swapping clothes ((and what not)) with other people and there is no cost to you3.

Once the swap is finished and unwanted articles are taken to the hosts’ charity of choice to be donated. The only person who’s swap I’ve attended has always donated to The Red Door family shelter because they do not profit from the donations they receive.

I think clothing swaps are great for someone like me who likes to get new things but doesn’t make the money to continually go shopping. I think this skirt is the perfect artifact to proof my point.

Have you ever been to a clothing swap?

  1. boys, you can bash her if you like but she’s a tough one so beware[]
  2. and sometimes household items[]
  3. unless you count the booze that is usually consumed at these events[]

responses to “fragilefashion: a look at clothing swaps” 7

  1. A very cute outfit indeed. I love the idea of clothing swaps, and you certainly got the best out of that one. Is the skirt cotton? Linen? It’s adorable.

  2. You look lovely! What a cute outfit. I’ve never been to a clothing swap, and I’m kind of afraid to. What if no one wanted any of my clothes?!
    .-= JD at I Do Thingsi´s last blog ..I Am Speaking at BlogHer so you don’t have to =-.

  3. Yay!
    I know I’ve already told you, but, hell, it’s worth repeating again. Your outfit is beautiful! The skirt is so colored and full of life!

    I’m really happy that you decided to share bits of your style, as it’s inspiration.

    Never been to a clothing swap, there aren’t any here, but ….
    … don’t tell anyone, I’m planning to organize one (already spoken with a couple of girls to set the main details).

    Miss Tiques latest..Agent Provocateur: Naughty or Nice

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