Here we go again, Hard as I try I know I can’t quit

[Lyrics borrowed from Demi Lovato for the blog post title]

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My life is about to explode with some awesome Indie Rock music((most of the bands . It’s going to open it’s sweaty freakin’ arms and envelope me with its foot tapping, head bopping, awkward-shoulder shaking goodness for the next four days. Every year when I get my list of bands, I make it a point to sit down and visit every band page and listen to whatever it is I can listen to online.

I guess you could say I take my role as a Stage Manager pretty seriously; and I think that knowing who you’re working with is an extremely important part of it. It’s easier to work with someone when you understand something about them, even if you don’t necessarily understand them completely. What better way to understand someone than by finding some sort of common ground through music that they’ve put a lot of hard work into? I think so too 😉

I don’t quite know what today actually has in store for me1 but I’m sure I’ll be able to steal away some moments to tweet a few things that may or may not be telling.

What does Canadian Music Week have in store for you?

  1. because can never quite predict exactly what is going to happen in this world[]

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