Hoping and praying…

… that all this walking will help me lose the little bump I’ve got going around my stomach area as well as the slight bit of cellulite that currently surrounds my thighs. It’s not much but it’s enough that I can’t fit into some of my favourite clothes and that just has to go. I hate shopping. I have had plenty of opportunity to shop in the last couple of days and I absolutely hate it. It’s so boring. Looking at all these different tops, bottoms, accessories… I prefer shopping with a purpose. If I need a pair of jeans, or a specific style of top. Y’know?

I haven’t done much but walk the past couple of days because getting into town and out of Gus’ estate is quite difficult. But I think I’ve got it all figured out now. Not to mention I finally got to recharge my iPOD Nano, which means I will no longer be tuneless. I was hoping to really get started on looking at rooms for rent tomorrow, but as I was registering myself at Immigration I discovered that my passport expires 3 months before my Visa does. So now I’ve to go into the Canadian Embassy and figure something out. I also have to go to the bank and pay €100 to register myself, because they only took credit cards or laser cards (uh, i think they’re kinda like debit cards).

That’s my update so far… not much news I’m afraid. Hopefully I’ll get to look at some rooms tomorrow. I’ve contacted a few that are in the area of the hotel, and I sure hope they’re good because I’d much rather walk to work than have to rely on the public transport here. *That* much, I’ve learned!

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  1. i hear ya re the midrift..keep up the walking. As for shopping i dislike it to. i like to go to say Mahon Point in Cork for example take a look around for about an hour and hten out i go. twice i have done 3 hours with two different friends and i have to say i totally felt i had wasted those two hours of my life.
    now in saying all that perhaps if i were nice and skinny i’d be in shopping all day. who knows, hopefully me when i loose the two stone.

  2. Yep, walking to work cuts stress in half – at least that’s what I think… cuz that’s what I do. Good luck on apartment shopping. I know that’s never easy.

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