I love Surprises!

But I think I prefer the bouquet of flowers for no reason sort of surprise….

Peter is in town. For three weeks… He got in on Thursday and we all went to Sol’s that night. It was a surprise and a half that’s for sure. He had gotten on the boat without me seeing him because I was at the upstairs bar of the boat that I normally work on helping the bartender close up, and when I was downstairs giving everyone their crew beers1 the staff get a free beer as part of their benefits… and someone had asked for a Stella and then changed their mind, and as I was about to put it back into the fridge, Brad2 tells me to take it to the guy down in the galley, “with the long hair and a baseball cap”, I’m like fuck, who the hell is this guy? I’ve better things to do than to bring a beer to someone who wasn’t even working the cruise tonight, so I’m walking with this beer as he’s coming up from the galley.

He just looks up at me… and I freaked out! I couldn’t believe I was seeing him!! We hugged for quite a bit and I was about to cry! *sigh* George3 was looking at us and smiling like a proud father it was so funny.

Now, this doesn’t mean we’re back together though. I mean he’s only here for three weeks… it wouldn’t make sense. I was over at their place on Friday, just to hang out and chill. We started fooling around while watching a movie… and at one point he asks me if I think it’s a good idea. I replied, “What? Having fun while you’re here? …. Yeah, as long as we’re both on the same page, you know?” And that was the end of the conversation. And it worried me a little bit, because I started thinking that maybe he doesn’t want to be with me because he just doesn’t like me anymore or something.

We went to the guvernment last night and I was really nervous that I wouldn’t have a good time because I’d be worried about the whole thing between us. But I wasn’t at all… I was able to put myself in the state of mind that I was going to have fun no matter what, whether or not he was in to me or not. And sure enough once we got to the Guvernment, he was there all being protective of me and eventually he grabbed me and we started making out.

After the Guvernment closed, a bunch of us went back to Gz’s place to wind down and eventually we all went to bed. Obviously we slept together. It’s very different this time around though. He’s gentler, sweeter, and I’m so nervous he’s going to make me fall in love with him all over again. Argh! I don’t know. I have to go to bed. It’s 3:30am… and I’d kinda like to be at work by 9:30am. BOO-URNS!

  1. on difficult cruises, long days (of double cruises) or weekends[]
  2. a cook[]
  3. the chef[]