I made out with a crackhead bitch because I love marijuana

Got this off April. Hehe… at least it’s half true. ;P

Pick the month you were born:
1 -I stabbed
2 -I fucked
3 -I smoked
4 -I killed
5 -I jerked off
6 -I drunk
7 -I licked
8 -I raped
9 -I cuddled with
10 I slept with
11 I made out with
12 I sucked

Pick the day (number) you were born on:
01  an easter egg
02  a bottle of vodka
03  a bisexual
04  a cat
05  The Trojan Man
06  a toothbrush
07  a crackhead bitch
08  a prostitute
09  John Gotti
10  bottle of henny
11  a homo
12  a dog
13  an overweight Asian man
14  a lesbian
15  Frankie Gotti
16  a whore
17  Santa Clause
18  a cow
19  Paris Hilton
20  an orange
21  a horse
22  a drug dealer
23  a jew
24  a pickle
25  a french fry
26  an arab
27  a homeless guy
28  a bag of weed
29  a condom
30  your mom
31  a black pornstar

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

White  because I love marijuana
Black -because I have a gigantic penis
Pink  because I love giving blow jobs
Red  because I have amazing boobs
Blue -because I’m a loser
Polka Dots -because I hate my life
Purple -because I’m gay
Gray  because I’m Rick James bitch
Orange  because I have double d’s
Green  because I have an extreamly small dick
Other  because I smoke crack
Turqoise  because I’m beautiful
Yellow  -because I’m a straight G
Stripes  because I’ve done too much Acid
No shirt  because Im a fuckin Freak In Bed!
Brown  -because I cant get laid to save my life

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