I miss you

Dear You,

I’ve been trying to figure out what it is that is going to balance out all the great things that have been happening in my life because let’s face it, there just always is something that’s going to even me out. And I finally figured it out… I miss you. And it’s clawing at my insides.

And you’ve been so great, at sending me the sweetest text messages asking me how I’m doing or just plain telling me that you’re thinking about me. The flowers you sent for Valentine’s day were so uneccessary but so appreciated. When I had a bad day at work recently, you were there to talk me out of going crazy worrying about it. And even when you’re not on the phone, if something is about to upset me… all I have to do is remember your advice and I’ll be fine.

Of course, we weren’t always this way. Our relationship began on the rockiest of hills, with our attraction for each other arousing so much passion that I had no idea if I was just infatuated with you or truly in love. Of course it wasn’t until after you left the country that I realised just how much I cared about you. And even still, I was worried that it was only the fact that you were from this mysterious culture I had no exposure to that attracted me to you. But I know now, it’s always been you.

Just you. You are sweet, understanding, strong, confident, intelligent, creative, sensible, opinionated, absolutely hilarious and so much more. But most importantly: you’re all mine. I couldn’t ever ask for a better half and I hope that at the end of it all… our relationship becomes exactly what it is meant to be, whatever that may be. Our relationship is the most valuable life lesson I’ve had and our love is the best feeling the world. And that alone is worth everything we’ve been through, and worth what we’re going through now. You are worth everything, my love.

Waiting for the day I can hold you in my arms again…


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  1. Thanks Ate Mae. I am so blessed talaga… especially since we’ve hit such hard times already in our relationship.

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