iPOD Nano: Take #2

My brother agreed to help me pay for a new iPOD Nano as my graduation present, so went over to the apple store downtown to take advantage of my student discount and buy me the cheapest iPOD Nano there is: The 1GB. In black (of course). For those that remember, the first one I had was black… and since I’m trying to keep it so that my parents don’t find out that it got stolen, I had to keep it black. Although, regardless I like the black better than the white.

The apple store was… such heaven! I want an iBook! The MAC interface is just such a dream! hehe I was even contemplating putting the decals that come with my iPOD Nano on my laptop to cover the “Dell” logo on the cover… but I don’t want *everyone* to know that I’m trying too hard!! haha

Anyways… I’m off to enjoy my sort of new toy. Here’s one of my favourite photos from the last few days…


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  1. 100 songs isn’t bad! Then again, I’m the type that can listen to the same songs over and over… 😀 No imagination when it comes to music.

  2. looks great Glad you replaced your IPOD! I need one! I have the motorola SLVR that plays ITUNES but it only holds 100 songs.

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