It’s going to be an Electric Christmas!


What is Electric Christmas you say? It’s a night of fun, and all things Christmas – complete with fundraising goodness! Last year, Sean Ward raised a good chunk of change for the Daily Bread Food Bank with the first edition of Electric Christmas. This year, we’re hoping to raise even more for War Child Canada. If you know Christine Estima, you’ve heard of War Child Canada1.

There will be some singing, some dancing, some drama, some gift exchanging, some prize giveaways, a birthday celebration for our one and only Corey Herscu (The Cellular Guru). There is going to be a lot going on but most importantly we hope there will be lots of laughter and holiday cheer.

The line up is posted all over the event page so I’m not going to bore you with that information instead I’m going to highlight the most important things you need to know:

When is Electric Christmas2 taking place?
Tonight, Mon, Dec 20th at 8:30pm

Where is Electric Christmas 2 taking place?
The legendary Horseshoe Tavern, 368 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2A2 (MAP)

Will there be an admission fee?
Admission is by donation with all proceeds going towards War Child Canada.

What is War Child Canada?
War Child Canada works closely with children from all over the world to come up with the best way to eliminate poverty, provide valuable education and protect and provide their rights. War Child Canada helps build brighter futures for children all around the world because if their future is bright, then so is ours.

Is there a hashtag2?
Yes: #ElectricXmas2

SPECIAL NOTE: There will be a secret santa gift exchange at Electric Christmas 2. Please bring in a gift if you would like to participate; maximum value of the gift must not exceed $5.

What’s that? You still want to know more? Email me at therealfragileheart [at] gmail [dot] com3.

  1. if you don’t know either Sean or Christine, you’re missing out[]
  2. a twitter tag to keep track of conversations[]
  3. and at the very least I will make up any answers that I don’t know[]

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