Last weekend’s fleeting friend

After a busy two and a half days two weekends ago, I decided that this past weekend was going to be a quiet one barring any big special occassions that I had forgotten. Luckily, there were no special occasions and I was able to get away with only partying one night for the weekend. So on sunny Saturday I decided to head down to the Harbourfront to shoot some photos. It is most definitely a hobby, and I only have a ‘point & shoot’er… so it’s not like my pictures are fit to print, but they make me happy nonetheless.

On my way back to the parking lot, I spotted two ducks sleeping on a water feature located just outside a condo building on the north west corner of York Street & Queen’s Quay West. I stopped to take a few shots, and after a couple of seconds… the more colourful of the two (sorry, I’m not going to pretend to know duck varieties), woke up, shook the sleep off his feathers, and started swimming over. I got quite a number of photographs of the little guy but only a few made it to my photostream. Keep in mind that none of my photos were taken using any zoom whatsoever… he was that close to me. I could’ve petted him if I wanted to but I didn’t think he would like that, so I left him alone and just kept clicking.

Anyway, after I had been snapping photos for about three or four minutes and he just kept swimming around me, showing off… trying to seduce me (or something). Flickr video popped into my head, and I quickly switched my camera to video capture. I got about two and a half minutes of video. Two and a half minutes of this cutie, just swimming around like I’m his best friend. He eventually went away when a big crowd of people came over and started being extremely loud (unfortunately, kids were involved hence the loudness) I cut down the video for a few reasons: my annoying voice kind of ruins the serenity of the video and also it was two and a half minutes… so it was quite long.

I was excited at the chance to try Flickr video. Unfortunately, the only video editor I have is Microsoft Movie Maker, and it made my very clear, very serene video look like ass… but I still wanted to post this superstar up. Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Monique – I’ve always loved ducks too mostly because I didn’t really see too many of them growing up in Dubai so I loved that he came over to me!

    Michael – thanks, I’m obviously being overly critical…

    Jillian – I’m sure if you want it bad enough, your dream can come true? 😀

    Beeker – That link didn’t quite work for me? But I think it’s cute that they’re named after your adorable nieces.

    Liza – Hello! 🙂 Let me know when you try flickr video and what you think of it? I’ve heard mixed reviews.

    PIt – Thanks!! Glad I thought of it!

    Kevin – Couldn’t believe it either. Made me wish I carried bread around with me so I could feed him.

    Chris – I hardly have time for it either, I usually just click pictures while driving (don’t tell anyone), but on a really sunny day I will try and get out and walk around a nice area to snap some. Living on an Island, I would have thought you could do that every day!!

  2. the video is actually pretty good. haha. I have always been fascinated with photography and thought about taking a crack at it, but I’m into so many things I doubt I’d ever find the time!

  3. that was a nice clean, crisp video. I actually thought that was a wooden duck or something at first, before I read your post and clicked play. I can’t believe he was that close to you! Good video though, ran nice and smooth, so good job on that too !

  4. Hmm this duck is not camera shy at all, looks like he’s flirting alright lol. ohh the flickr video look great I haven’t tried it yet. Hmm I will have to give it a try tomorrow.

    lizas last blog post..I Have to Post This One.

  5. I am jumping into the duck loving with everyone else. I have two ducks that swim in a small stream behind our townhouse. I watch them from my kitchen window. I also have three ducks by the dcuks company ( They are named after my nieces.

    beekers last blog post..NKOTB

  6. Aww, I LOVE Mallard Ducks!!!! He’s awesome!!! And how cool was it that he got so close to you??!

    I keep saying when we get a house, we’ll build a little pond in the back for ducks. I know it’s unrealistic, but a girl can dream nonetheless!

    Jillians last blog post..Holy Matrimony

  7. i love ducks… well, everything about them except their awful poo all over the sidewalks. I can’t believe he was that close to you.

    Moniques last blog post..I Knew That Taking A Handful of Pills Would Not Be Enough

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