Monday Madness: July Link & EC Love

Today’s edition of Monday Madness is dedicated to those who take the time to comment while visiting my site. Since I don’t have an abundant supply of ecs1, and because I stupidly forgot to take note of who my top commenters were before August 1 hit I’m only rewarding my top two commenters. xChrisx2 and xMoniquex. Who also happen to by my 4th and 5th top droppers. In the future, I promise to take better note of it and and I am planning on awarding my top 3 commenters and not just the top two.

I’ve decided to do things a little differently than simply copying and pasting the table found on my EC statistics page for my top droppers and have downloaded their EC cards for display. Below you’ll find the rest of my top droppers for the month of July. Thanks to everyone, and please check your transactions page on EC for a little gift from me!

I may or may not do this every month3 because it’s actually taken me longer than I hoped it would, but I definitely plan on rewarding every month. Though depending on how much I have in the ‘bank’, the amounts may differ. I’m sure I’ll eventually figure out an amount that I can keep dishing out consistently once I get the hang of doing it, but until then I’m going to keep you guessing.

I also want to make a special note to Alfred: I’m sorry I couldn’t do a regular Meme or Quiz today but it’s the end of the month and I have been planning on starting this for two months now!

Thank you!!

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  2. Trench[]
  3. the ec card thing[]

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  1. Because of your generosity, I gave you a week long advertisement spot on my blog. Thanks again reggie!!! 🙂

    trenchs latest..Are you ready for the next Harry Potter?

  2. @Michael: Thanks for being a regular reader & commenter 🙂

    @Monique: You’re welcome love. It was my pleasure. And you’re probably right… though I’m hoping the ‘top commenter’ spot can shift around a bit. hehe

  3. Oooooh, thank you!

    Doing link love can be time consuming. However, I did learn that after a bit it seems to be the same people so I was able to pretty much keep a draft of the link love post. 🙂

  4. @Courtney: Hey girl! I’ve missed having you around! Me? Good… hah!

    @Trench: I know that but I still want to!! lol

    @Alfred: My pleasure sir. Glad you enjoy! I’m thankful for that day I visited the Promotions forum and found your contest!

    @Canucklehead: Yes sir we do!! 🙂 Cheers!!

  5. Thanks for the mention. You have a very big fan over here. Will follow you to the ends of the earth! (not in a creepy sort of way of course.;)

    Alfred Saforos latest..Entrebar? What’s next for Entrecard?

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