Moving motivation

What is it about moving that makes you want to do everything there is to do in the city. If this were any other summer, i.e. one that wasn’t my last before I head off into the big bad world, I would be pretty lazy about going to see all the sights, go to all these concerts & shows… and so on. I’m actively looking for things not to miss but at the same time trying to be careful that I don’t spend too much money doing everything.

Dave Matthews Band is coming to town, and I’m determined to go see them since I missed them the last three times they were in concert. Well, last year doesn’t count because I declined to go see them at the Air Canada Centre (an indoor venue is just not fit for a Dave Matthews Band concert!)

But I’m worried about asking my one long time friend to go with me because I’m afraid that he still has feelings for me. We have a history and though he was the one who broke up with me six years ago, he seems to still think I’m the best thing since sliced bread. I think he’s a great friend, and I would never want to lose his friendship but the fire is definitely gone on my end.

I have to leave in less than 6 weeks, and the stupid bank people still haven’t sent me my letter!! Gaah!

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