Oh My!

I woke up at 10:00AM and checked the apple website for the status of my iPOD Nano as I do every morning. And I discover that it arrived in Toronto at 8:50AM. YAY! There’s a knock on my front door around 11:00AM – I discreetly peek at the truck in the street (It’s a FedEx truck… Yipee!) “My Nano’s here!” I receive the package from the nice delivery man and bring the tiny box to my room… I carefully open the neat little package and find: My precious!! (Sorry, just finished watching LOTR3). However… as I’m put the CD into the appropriate drive and begin the iTunes installation software I’m faced with the all too horrible: error dialogue box that offers to “send an error report” giving you false hope that if you agree to send an error report, all your problems would magically disappear.

Being the geek that I am, I insisted on taking on the task of solving this “error” on my own. And now… 12.5 hours later, I’ve finally fixed it. I won’t go into detail of the horror that is staring at a freakin’ computer screen for almost 9 hours straight, but I will tell you that it involved useless phonecalls to Apple tech support, Microsoft tech support and Dell tech support, and multiple (and dangerous) editions of my operating system – gah!! Anyways. I finally have it fixed and now it’s going to take another hour or so to convert all my music files into the right format so my stupid iPOD Nano can play my favourite songs. *rolls eyes* Was it worth it?!

I told myself that if I couldn’t get the stupid thing to work today that I would take my $300+ purchase up to Birchmount and Steeles and return the bloody thing to Apple and tell them that they can send it back to the assembly plant in freakin’ Shenzhen, China because I’m sure some other unoriginal hopeless romantic will request the exact same product with the exact same engraving (If music be the food of love… play on!) sometime soon!

On a lighter note? Uh… I got my orientation at my new job today. It feels weird starting out as a host but I’m sure there’s plenty of things that this new place can teach me. In fact, it’s already taught me something that I can use in my portfolio that’s due in 2.5 weeks. Ha!

You know I have to mention him, but I really really really hope I can go over and visit in December. And I hope that I’m right and that he does want to see me, despite him trying to convince me of otherwise in an attempt to rescue my financial situation.

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  3. Bubble, get your money back… it’s a rip off. It was in the paper the other day about how alot of the Nanos are not functioning properly. By the time you get it fixed, you will have paid God know how much in postage etc…
    send it back…!

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