My muscles are sore, I’m suffering from lack of sleep… and I’ve never felt better. I started work last week, and it was very quiet in the Bar, but everyone warned me that this week was going to be busy. Man, they have no idea. The bar on the boat that I used to work on in Canada would get so much crazier. The only real reason it gets crazy around here is because everyone panics, and it makes me panic. I’m usually great under pressure, but if someone’s barking at me, I’ll bark right back… you know?

The patrons of this Bar though… I feel so humbled really having to be around them. I mean you could either be really proud about it all and think that they’ve no right to expect the kind of service that they want… but to be honest, I like having to serve people in such a formal manner. I’ve always been so casual with guests at all other jobs I’ve worked in, and to know that I can change that, feels really good. It also helps that they love my sense of humour (which is lost on *him*) and the fact that I’m from Canada… haha.

But in all fairness, life’s been good here. I feel like after almost three weeks of being here and having to walk everywhere, that I might actually be getting used to it. But. I’m still going to invest in a bike. Or at least a scooter. I was considering getting a car, but really if I’m not even sure yet of how long I’m actually staying… what’s the point spending all that money, you know?

I do miss the internet though, and that’s definitely something I’m going to have to splurge on. That is of course unless I find another place to live that has internet… that’s closer to work than where I’m living now. Well, guess that’s all I’ve time for at the moment… have to start work in 10 minutes and I need to look at the apartment listing website. I’ve the next two days off though so hopefully I can figure out something for getting some of the photos I’ve taken online.

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